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-Mika-1607d ago

Um.. did they even finish their last kickstarter project? Before even start a new project, they should get that out the way first.

ABizzel11607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Agreed. I think Kickstarter is a good idea, but there's no management over these people and they can do what they please which is what I don't like and potential scam bait.

Freak of Nature1607d ago

While I am sure people have to beware of scams, I don't think a company like this is in any way shape or form scam bait.

725K... So 10 devs at 6K a Month for a year equals 720K.... I quess the left over 5K is for cake and pizza...

ABizzel11607d ago

I would hope a company wouldn't screw over it's fans, but I was speaking more so to the ideology behing kickstarter.

Freak of Nature1607d ago


I got you, I understood you were speaking ideologically. All is well...

Christopher1607d ago

They're still working on the DoubleFine Adventures game.

I agree, complete the first one, then ask for money for the second one.

Unfortunately, this has been common on Kickstarter. Someone asks for money to do a board game and start a separate KickStarter for dice to go with the game. Wait, what?

PlayStation_41607d ago

According to the video, Double Fine have 2 development studios

grailly1607d ago

well they are called DOUBLE fine

joking aside, I think they kinda have more than that, they are extremely modular and can form many small groups or one big group depending on the task at hand.

Lucreto1607d ago

If you watch the kickstarter ideo. He answers that question in the first 3 minutes.

joe901607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Yup, lets give money to a company to make a game then reap all the profits while snatching money for another game, i hate kickstarter and will never hand over a penny to anyone.

EDIT: @above, yeh they have 2 studios and yet they still have to get the public to fund their games, mugs who pay money to game developers to fund a project that they could probably afford in the first place are not the sharpest of folk.

3-4-51607d ago

yea but the game concept sounds really cool. I'm a big fan of FFTactics & Fire Emblem so it's probably a mix of that plus being able to create families and then have those offspring continue on the fight and level them up and then they do the same and so on...

would be a cool concept and give people 200+ hours of gameplay

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ginsunuva1607d ago

Do not fund this one. Stop kickstarter from being some get rich quick scam.