PS4 makes a Promising Move or Big Mistake

Yesterday, news hit that it will be mandatory for most games on the PS4 to support the PS Vita through Remote play. At the PS4 unveiling, Sony nicely showed off the capability to stream games right to your Vita. Now that the news seems a bit old, it has become clear that Sony is adding new features to not only promote potential sales of their suffering Vita system but to give players who own a Vita more of a reason to appreciate that they have one.

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TheSuperior 1998d ago

Personally i think with this Sony did right and wrong, no not wrong to the players but a horrid job of letting people know that this isnt going to hurt them or their wallets at all.

Personally i dont own a vita and this will not make me purchase one but I dont believe it is a bad move because it is a selfless act from a major company... that is rare and makes me think 'whats the catch.'

Arai1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

They are streamlining their business and providing consistency.
Take for example Vita screenshot function, it was left up to developers and looked what happen there.

It won't require much from developers to add the additional code to make RP work, PS4 has hardware dedicated to the feature.

I got a Vita today especially for RP and even though it cost me 3x the price of a normal Vita I'm still rather happy with my purchase, beautifully crafted machine might I add.

MikeMyers1998d ago

From the article,
"This news is only good and yet it is confusing players around the world. Players fear that they will be required to buy a Vita to play their games (false), they are afraid that it will cost developers extra money to do which will result in them paying more for games (false) and they worry that they will also be restricted to playing in their homes."

I'm not confused, who did they poll? I think it's a great move by Sony. Who wouldn't want this unless they make you pay extra. If all I have to do is buy the PS4 game and it allows me to play it on my Vita I'm sold. If I have to buy the Vita license as well then forget it.

kneon1998d ago

Is there really anyone dumb enough to think you must buy a Vita to use the PS4?

starchild1998d ago

Retarded. How can it be a bad move? It's only adding huge value to both the ps4 and vita. This will likely make me buy a Vita and buy more games for the ps4.

maddfoxx1998d ago


You remember that writer from yahoo that thought you had to throw way your Dual Shock 3 when the battery went dead and buy a new one.

Odoylerules0001997d ago

Yeah, that vita looks pretty rad.

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Qrphe1998d ago

They're promoting the Vita with it, that's the catch. Any company will do anything that promotes profit. It just happens to be a really nice feature.

harkki861998d ago

i do not think it is a big mistake. finally, sony is saying 'you have to do this' because usually they do not do that. that is why trophies took so long, why remote play for ps3+psp never took off and why remote play for ps3+vita never took off. it is also why cross buy and transfarring never took off.

i have a vita and i might get a ps4 for this feature.

GamersRulz1998d ago

Selfless act?

So you want Sony to say " PS4 works beautifully with Vita but its going to be expensive"

if this is the way companies work, then Apple must say " That the iphone5, its the same as 4 but we will sell it at $800"

or MS saying " We have Windows Vista, its buggy as hell but please pay $300 for it"

Sorry, but your argument is very illogical my friend. Sony is adding value to its PSVITA by offering features and integration. I might agree with you if Sony charged $60 for the ability to hook your Vita with PS4, but they didn't.

ChiaPet1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Dude how the hell is that a selfless act?

They're trying to get more people to buy a Vita...

Some people need to remember that Sony is a big corporation, not some benevolent god.

PANTHER10301998d ago

Vita is optional, you dont need a Vita to play PS4's games.

Vita is an amazing device and a nice add at Ps4's gameplay, be able to play Killzone at Vita would be great!

Also the developers can implement interesting functions.

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merciless1998d ago

If the Vita is bundled with the ps4 bundle it's a wrap!!!

yewles11998d ago

If the Vita is bundled with the ps4 bundle it's $599 again...

exfatal1998d ago

lol try more like $650 they better bundle a good ass game

Kingthrash3601998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

if the vita is bundled with ps4 for 599 its worth it....just saying

thats about right...they dont have to bundle a good ass game tho....its already playing ps4 games free....tho knack would make 650 a mega deal

ShwankyShpanky1998d ago

If you've got PS+, even if you don't have a Vita, you should download any free Vita games every week. Just start the download in the store and then cancel it in the download monitor. That way it will go on your download list, and you can still download it later if you pick up a Vita (and stay subbed to PS+). Otherwise, once it cycles out of being free on the PSN store, you won't have the opportunity.

kneon1998d ago

The Vita frequently sells at retail for $199 for the Wifi version with a game included. I got the liberation bundle back when it launched for that price.

If you back out all the markups along the way I would guess the actual cost to manufacture is down around $100-125. So if they really want to move units they could bundle it in with a PS4 at about $100-150 more than the PS4 alone.

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kma2k1998d ago

i went out & bought a 24" tv that i put on a tv tray in front of me on the couch when my wife wants the tv, we can sit next to eachother & still get our form of entertainment we want. The vita remote play would basically be the same thing but i wouldnt have to set up the tv each time sounds interesting

BeZdaBest1998d ago

i personally think the ps4 will reach the price of 500<
449.99 is still 490 with tax(in new york anyway)

the vita cost lets say 200 at cheapest(guess what youll need a memory card another lets say 10$(4gb)..of course a game to take advantage of the
cross/remote/off-tv play (damn they need to streamline the name of this 65$ ..

thats reaching the 700$ price point right there..

the ps4 is going to be more expensive then most people want to probably wont be "599 usd".. "but it'll be very close". quote me on that..

KwietStorm1998d ago

Still not understanding how that can be a mistake.

GameCents1998d ago

Less reason to buy actual Vita games.
Forcing devs to use extra resources when making ps4 games.
3rd party devs see less reason to make Vita games since they'd be essentially competing against ps4 games.

That sought of thing.

Hicken1998d ago

How would it be a reason to NOT buy actual Vita games? Gravity Rush isn't suddenly gonna be on PS4.

It's not "forcing" anything, as the function is done by the hardware. This has been said multiple times already; if you weren't so busy trolling, you might have noticed.

This doesn't make any sense, either. You're not making any sense. Stop not making sense.

I don't know how long it took you to write that comment, but it was a complete waste of time.

iceman061997d ago

The ability for cross play is something that they have been "testing" with the PS3. It was a simple patch. It's probably been coded into the PS4 hardware. So, the "extra resources" won't be needed. Owning a Vita will probably make people curious about Vita games. Most people who buy a new console at least try one console specific game. PS+ will boost that value by giving free full Vita games. 3rd parties will do what they do. But, I would think that increasing the install base can only be good for at least seeing profits from a game being released on Vita.

ChiaPet1998d ago

Because they are forcing developers to make their games in a certain way. But it will probably be a good thing in the end.

KwietStorm1998d ago

It's a feature, a feature that is handled in the hardware. As far as coding, the devs have to implement a virtual "on" switch, a trigger of sorts. It's not about forcing them to make their game a certain way.

sway_z1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

It's hardly integral to the PS4, you don't have to buy a Vita. It's just another cool feature, and could help Vita sales improve.

MS will announce the very same thing using Smartglass @E3.


I never thought I'd say this,'s true, they both copy Nintendo's innovations.


But still...I don't see what justifies the article?


KShinigami1998d ago

I don't see how they both copy Nintendo's innovations, when the PS3 had remote play with phones, PSP and later Vita.

ziggurcat1998d ago

didn't they say that this is something can would happen via hardware or system software? devs don't have to do anything to code remote play into their games, no?

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