‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ listed for Wii U on E3 exhibitor list

A listing for a Wii U version of Ghosts has been discovered.

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Summons751785d ago

Surprising? Not at all....

exfatal1785d ago

hopefully Wii u will actually get dlc this time...

hduce1785d ago

Well look... A hater disagreed with your comment that Call of Duty Ghosts on the Wii U should get DLC. Surprise, surprise!!!

exfatal1785d ago

lmao haters will hate. Seriously whats wrong with adding dlc to a game they released dlc for on other consoles

MajorLazer1785d ago


I believe some just disagree for the hell of it. You'll notice even the most sensible and sane comment will still have 1 disagree

stragomccloud1785d ago

Cool.pretty graphics plus Wii remote controls are a winning combination.

MasterCornholio1785d ago

Ghost has good graphics?

Look buddy this game looks horrible in comparison to Battlefield 4 and Kill zone Shadow fall.

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Nevers0ft1785d ago

Are you insane? The dogs look more realistic in COD Ghosts than real dogs and when people see the Cats DLC it's going to blow minds.

stragomccloud1785d ago

What I meant was, with the original Wii,I had to choose between better controls or better graphics. With Wii U, I can have both.

Elimin81785d ago

Yeah really.. But it should be an Xbox cover not PS3....

PigPen1782d ago

I looking forward to playing this.