Sony Won't Answer These Questions About PS4 DRM and Used Games... Yet

So being the relentlessly-pestering reporters we are, we've reached out to Sony several times over the past few days with questions about their policies. Here's what we asked:

1) Sony has previously said that the PS4 does not require an online connection. To be clear, is this true perpetually, or will the console need to occasionally connect online? If so, how often?

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LostDjinn2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

"We're expecting to hear more at E3 in a week and a half—and of course we'll be pressing both Microsoft and Sony for more details at every opportunity." - So where's MSs' response then Jason?

I mean it is MS policy questions you're asking right (as made evident in your piece)? Seems strange then that you'd leave MSs' answer out. What didn't they give one?

Hmmm. I wonder why kotaku didn't write an article about that. LOL.

Edit: What upshot dirigiblebill? How the hell can MSs' upcoming policy nightmare relate in any way to an upshot?

Edit: dirigiblebill I mean MS are now back peddling. If you post an article with no conclusion how is there an upshot?

darthv722027d ago

that could be because they dont want to throw people off from buying their product.


they havent figured out the right balance of supporting the consumers as well as the publishers


they just dont want to talk about it right now

Bottom line is, its their platform and as such they have to make it accommodating to those who want to impose these requirements. So while sony's 1st/2nd parties may not be inclined to require an internet connection, the system is still able to do that for other games/companies.

While sony's 1st/2nd party games may not require a fee for 2nd hand, the system is still able to do so for 3rd parties that go that route.

Gr812027d ago

Kotaku has always been lenient on M$, but at the same time, M$ pretty much laid out what Xbone was about, so there aren't many questions left unanswered. People just didn't like what those answers were.

Sony on the other hand hasn't said anything. And the things they've said have been cryptic at the very least. Or not forthcoming at all.

E3 in about 2 weeks away so things should be cleared up soon enough.

rainslacker2026d ago

I think Sony said the same thing they confirmed in the article update...they'll leave it up to the publisher. I don't know how much clearer it can get than that.

NeverEnding19892027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Lostdjinn...Did you mention SONY once? No you didn't, only from a quote. Talk about off topic...

ITT: There are a lot of questions about regarding SONY's DRM/used games policy. Check Yoshida's interview with Eurogamer. The way answers are fed after he consults with his media team and are left so open ended suggests they have something up there sleeve.

SONY were pioneers of DRM this gen with mandatory first party online passes, I expect the same this gen.

LostDjinn2027d ago

"Did you mention SONY once?" Yes.
"No you didn't" Yes I did.
"only from a quote" Told you I did.

I understand you're losing a lot of sleep but please Neverending, let it end. You don't have to be miserable all the time.

andibandit2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I have to disagree with NeverEnding1989, your comment wasn't off topic, just plain trolling.

DRM has been brought up in almost every XBone article along with dogs and Fish AI.
The article raises a fair question, and yes it's equally fair whoever the console manufacturer is. Im sure you can raise your concerns in one of the upcomming XBone articles.

dirigiblebill2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

So the upshot is: they're potentially in exactly the same boat as Microsoft. They just have better PR.


The upshot of the Kotaku piece, I mean. As in, the gist.

@LostDjinn #2

The conclusion you're meant to draw is that Sony's refusal to say exactly what its policies are regarding online and pre-owned suggests that it's adopting similar policies to Microsoft. Which, for the record, would suck a fat one.

If it's business as usual for pre-owned and online on PS4, why not just come out and say it? Why the no-comment?

lastofgen2027d ago

I'd rather have up-front and honest company representatives rather than ones who remain silent and say the least possible things to say about something like used games or drm.

LostDjinn2027d ago

So your point is that there is no actual upshot and kotaku are insinuating guilt without proof. Not only that but the insinuation is that the DRM Sony "may" implement is identical to what MS have stated they will implement. That about the size of it? I wouldn't like to try and run with that in a court of law.

Well, at least on MS policies sucking "a fat one" we can agree Bill.

dirigiblebill2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I did say "potentially" and "suggests", LostDjinn. A refusal to comment is, of course, proof of nothing, but I don't think it's unreasonable to speculate.

Again, if Sony's staying the course with regard to online and pre-owned, all it has to do is say so - and score another major PR win among the hardcore gamer crowd in the process, I might add.

There's nothing to be gained from keeping quiet, unless there's something to keep quiet about. People have speculated upon the form of Microsoft's pre-owned/online policies on the basis of contradictory and partial reports, despite it stating that it has yet to "finalise" much of the detail. Why shouldn't they do the same of Sony, a company that has also neglected to give specifics?

I think we should mistrust them both equally, till they fess up.

fr0sty2027d ago

Have you considered that their silence could simply mean no decision has been made and they are considering multiple angles at the moment? I imagine both companies are keeping a close eye on public reaction right now.

jukins2027d ago

we shall see. since sony hasnt been outright in denying I'll just assume they have a similar plan for used games.

xamtheking2027d ago

They are not blind
They won't screw up like MS did

jukins2027d ago

dont be so quick on that thought. Both microsoft and sony are surely looking at all ways to increase revenue and please devs who are unhappy about 2nd hand games. As great as the ps4 reveal and the following updates have been, Im expecting sony to let us down in one way or another. Im still going ps4 first this gen but there's no way they can do everything right.

Hicken2026d ago

That's an odd thing to assume, especially considering it runs counter to pretty much everything else they're doing, which is all beneficial to gamers.

opinska2024d ago

Lol M$ system is 100% confirmed that it will use a constant Internet connection system every 24 hrs. And a kinetic is required to use the Xbox one... But hey you can spend that $$ of your with the product you choose... And I know 100% that there are endless articles where Sony has confirmed that they won't use a 24 hr. Internet connection requirement.. Just google it, it's everywhere

opinska2026d ago

Moron, they confirmed that Sony wont be using that dumb DRM system as M$

jukins2026d ago

please show me. because microsofts drm system isnt even clear at this point so how could "they" confirm sony wont be using a drm system?

Blackdeath_6632027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

they already have answered those questions didn't they?!
it seems to be that they were not planning on DRM to begin with but are being silent now while the #PS4noDRM campaign is going on so they can use this opportunity for positive PR they will probably release a statement saying we have listened to our passionate fans or something along those lines

lastofgen2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

no, they really haven't.
all they've stated is that they won't block used games and that it will be up to the publisher to decide on that- that could mean several different things and could lead to many different scenarios.

and microsoft isn't blocking used game sales either.

edit: well, most people on here are still wondering whether or not sony is going to be introducing used game fees or something similar to what microsoft has in order to reimburse publishers and themselves. that's the main issue at hand. and the other issue is drm. if you're to believe the neogaf posts, then sony is still figuring that out or no, we still don't have the answers to those scenarios.

Blackdeath_6632027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

more sources if you so wish to read:
also you are contradicting yourself you say they haven't answered the question about used games yet you also say and i quote "all they've stated is that they won't block used games " well doesn't that answer the question?

darthv722027d ago

No discredit to your links but really they are saying the same basic generalized statement. sony wont "block" used games. just as MS wont "block" used games.

PS4 wont "require" and internet connection but if one is present it can use it. That is pretty much like anything that can connect to the internet. My phone is connected to the internet and its there if need be but it isnt required.

The whole DRM thing, that is on the publishers and if THEY require an internet connection, then yes the PS4 will have to be connected to the internet.

sony is trying to take the middle ground but them saying they wont do it isnt the same as saying it wont happen. there will be things outside of their control and as such....what they say is true from a technical perspective but the platform would have to be accommodating to the needs of the publishers that wish to enforce such measures.

Now if sony really wanted to be in control of the whole situation, they can mandate that nothing gets done without their approval. Thus the case of used game fees or drm checks will need to be approved by sony before being introduced. They never said that would be their position so it can be assumed they will or are working to appease both sides of the situation (consumers/publishers).

MS was upfront in saying "this is what we are doing" but havent been as upfront in saying "this is how we are doing it". Its that sudden slap to the face semi-honesty that has people up in arms over the idea. Sony didnt take quite the same approach but they havent said flat out "NO" either.

Saying their system will play used games is NOT the same as there not being be a fee imposed by the publishers or a DRM check. People are trying to confuse one thing for another and its okay to just say we dont know all the details.

Corpser2027d ago

What are you hiding Sony?

SpinalRemains2027d ago

A giant no DRM on our console, but left up to developers to use as they wish.

They will say it again at E3 when everyone is watching and SONY knows it will be another well timed blow, after an already punishing flurry of blows.

SONY really did pickup the fumble and take off.

darthv722026d ago

is the key word in that first sentence.

You do know that word counters anything you typed before it.

Sony leaving it up to others does not make them any less responsible for it happening. If they were so inclined to not have drm...they can flat out stop the whole thing from happening.

Taking the neutral position makes them just as guilty as those who would imposes such requirements.

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