DRM: How we have a skewed view of Microsoft and Sony’s plans

Stick Skills: "One of the most popular talking points to come out of the Xbox One’s reveal involved our old friend DRM. This time around it was presented partially as a way to restrict the selling of used games. Games would be installed to the system’s hard drive, and would then be tied to a single account. The future Microsoft discussed is one in which playing a disc-based game on another account would require a fee amounting to roughly that of the original purchase."

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Maddens Raiders2028d ago ShowReplies(2)
SpinalRemains2028d ago

How can you write an article an completely dismiss what we DO KNOW concerning ps4.

We know there is no online requirement and we know SONY is leaving the implementation of said DRM up to the game maker.

Essentially what were going to have with PS4 is what we have now with multiplayer passes.

Why do some people dismiss the facts that have been disclosed by Sony personnel, in favot of rumors by random ppl with an agenda?

It's almost like listening to ppl who watch Fox News, whine about Benghazi at this point.

mananimal2028d ago

there nothing to be skewed about speaks for itself, it is what it is, I dont like like it & I never will, nothing the Media says or fanboys or ANY ONE SAYS will change mu opinion about it. I dont play games or game systems with DRM ....PERIOD end of story. It may be the future of gaming but I wont be participating, if enough Gamers stick to there hearts convictions, there wont be enough gamers to sell SPYWARE DRM ANTI CONSUMER systems too.

SpinalRemains2028d ago

You deserve more bubbles. You 'get it'.

creatchee2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

If you play an Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, or PC, then unfortunately you're already playing consoles with DRM on them.

Don't believe me? Try to sell an XBLA, WiiWare, PSN, or Steam download to Gamestop. I'll wait.

Edit: also try to take them over a friend's house to "borrow" without migrating account information as well. Again, I'll wait.

DragonKnight2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

@creatchee: All those systems you mentioned? Well besides PC they all have disc based games. Yep. You can just take those games to anyone's house, pop them in, and play them. Especially if you don't buy them from publishers that use online passes. You can also sell those disc games anywhere.

You were saying?

creatchee2028d ago


You missed the point. He said he would never play a console that features DRM. I argued that he already does because of the digital distribution methods available on each platform. The fact that you bring up disc-based games in your snarky comment only shows your ignorance.

Now if you'd like to logically address my original comment on digital distribution, then I'm all all ears.

DragonKnight2028d ago

There literally was no reason for you to bring up DD only games though because he never once mentioned that in his comment at all. What was the point? And my bringing up disc based games pokes the hole in your DD only argument because, and you should pay attention to this part, those disc based games can allow you to completely avoid any of the DRM for DD games altogether. So again, you were saying?

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pcdaley212028d ago

With this DRM to combat piracy and used games profits - reduce the game price $15-$20 and they will win the console war

ExPresident2028d ago

Really tired of these articles intentionally including Sony in the title with Microsoft in an attempt to lump Sony into the same horrible outlook that people have toward Microsoft.

SOULJER2028d ago

Geoff still in the closet. When he stops being a fruity bitch, and come's out. Then I might believe him.

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