New Super Mario Bros. U Update Arriving with Luigi's DLC

While the updates to the browser-based Miiverse attracted the most attention yesterday, it seems that an additional message was posted in Japan to confirm a planned update for New Super Mario Bros. U, which will arrive shortly before or on the same day as the arrival of the downloadable version of New Super Luigi U.

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Neonridr1697d ago

Pro controller support is a welcome addition.

Gr811697d ago

Is a definite plus. Now if they can patch in some decent music! lol. And also some online multiplayer then they got themselves a game ; )

DarkBlood1697d ago

im just waiting for the physical version to be up for preorder at eb games which should of been in the system by now lol

PopRocks3591697d ago

@Arius Dion

^This. No reason not to have online multiplayer at this point.

thezeldadoth1697d ago

have been wanting pro controller support. now i don't have to go purchase a wii controller.