Scholar Job Confirmed for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Release

The Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn community has been speculating non-stop in the last few days about the possibility of the inclusion of a Scholar job in the game at release. Today, during the Letter from the Producer Live webcast we got a confirmation. The Scholar will indeed be part of the game’s job line-up at release.

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ashiksorel2022d ago

ALRIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! Let see how this class works in the future.

Abriael2022d ago

It'll probably work similar to the FFXI equivalent. I'm quite sure.

Dno2022d ago

nah all these jobs are different in ff14. I wonder how differen this will be.

vishmarx2022d ago

after the disaster of ff14 this game looks like a miraculous improvement...essentially a whole new game...maybe its too earlt to tell but who knows it might even finally let ff11 retire with all due respect

Abriael2022d ago

It is literally a whole new game, aside from some assets, everything is new, including the engine.

You could define it a sequel, and you wouldn't be wrong.

vishmarx2022d ago

also not naming 15/14 2 was a really smart move...that way they can completely remove the blot of 14 from their history books