Why Yahoo Should Not Merge With Microsoft

Microsoft, the global software giants have already proved themselves as an invincible leader in the software sector. Eying the immense potential and the enormous advertisement revenue Microsoft launched its mail service named Hotmail and the search engine named MSN. But both of them fail to impress and didn't develop as according to the expectation of Bill Gates.

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decapitator3866d ago

This so called merger just isn't safe for the industry. Competition has to exist so competitors will push other to be innovative. Thats all.

Amanosenpai3866d ago

well... we still have google. Competition wont finish with this merge.

Anyway... finish with yahoo can be quite dangerous for markets and costumers.

Crazyglues3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Google will still fight with Microsoft for the web, regardless...

But I think if they do get yahoo they will be to much of a super power on the net... and completion will have a hard time trying to compete.

Microsoft is already so big in the computer/software world you would think that should be enough for them. ..But I guess you can blame that little to do list of bill gates. number 3.

-bill Gates to do list.
1. take apples O.S.(operating system)that they got form xerox and re-package as the new windows operating system.
2. get IBM and the rest of the world to buy it by coming out before apple drops theirs at the tech show. A.K.A -mac world.
3. oh yeah, and take over the whole world, by buying everything we can get our hands on and re-name it Microsoft, and then start charging, and watch the money pile in.

TriggerHappy3866d ago

I dont even use yahoo or msn so I could care less what the hell they do. Google FTW.

ooop3866d ago

they will chargeyou a monthly fee to use it jusst like everything else

yesah3866d ago

thats what i thought to

"please deposit 900 Microsoft tokens to ask a question."

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33866d ago

...Because they RUING everything!

jackie chann3865d ago