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Rumor: Far Cry 4 Coming Q1 2014

The Neogaf user who leaked the news about a few upcoming Ubisoft titles such as Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Rayman Origins on Vita and Ubisoft’s upcoming next-gen racer called The Crew, has let loose some more details on other Ubisoft projects. (Far Cry 4, Next-Gen)

Hard to tell
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Sandmano  +   665d ago
I really hope so!
Salooh  +   665d ago
Didn't they confirme a far cry 1 reboot ?.
ZitterZap  +   665d ago
I really don't.

Many franchises have been spoiled because publishers want to cash in every year.

I can wait 4 years more for another good Far Cry game then play a sub par game in a year.
Mr_Nuts  +   665d ago | Well said
Seems a little early
PockyKing  +   665d ago
Ubisoft did say they wanted to release entries in franchises more often, and Far Cry was specifically named. Wouldn't surprise me. Lets just hope they don't make it annual, UNLESS the quality bar stays very high. After Far Cry 3 the expectations are set and I guess Blood Dragon only raised them more haha.
Mr_Nuts  +   665d ago
Well hopefully they'll add onto the game, I loved FC3 but I felt like some things were missing...like more variation in vehicles, especially air vehicles which weren't present in FC3 to drive anyway. Lets not forget you could never go off road with your car because if you did and go over some bumpy land you car would be screwed and then explode.

Oh and I hope the next one will add some harsh snowy locations to give a bit of variation to the map aswell so they add different kinds of animals to hunt.
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Enemy  +   665d ago
Well, Ubisoft did say they were going release more of their bigger franchises more regularly. I'm not sure if we should worry but if Assassin's Creed is any indication, we should.
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ginsunuva  +   665d ago
a little??
e-p-ayeaH  +   665d ago
I just hope the quality of the franchise keeps getting better not worse.

Far Cry 3 is an exelent game in many aspects but there´s still plenty of room for improvement.
Blood Dragon was a very nice surprise as well that being said i hope they start doing this sorta thing even tough a Blood Dragon 2 would be awesome.

Also Far Cry multiplayer needs a good return with veihicles and big colorfull maps without any downgraded graphics and bad responsive gameplay like FC3 had.
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Biohazard8860  +   665d ago
I'm down. Far cry 4 ill be awesome
PockyKing  +   665d ago
I cannot wait to see how much we can do with the map editor on next-gen consoles. It's going to be insane.
SonyStyled  +   665d ago
far cry 3 was awesome. and an easy platinum for those trophy hunters out there
e-p-ayeaH  +   665d ago
yeah it was one of the few this gen i actually had fun looking for collectables even if i dont really like those the nice visuals kept me going and Blood Dragon even more because of the awesome 80´s style soundtrack.

Far Cry 4 better have decent soundtrack no more dubstep i hope.
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Wni0  +   665d ago
FIX FARCRY 3s MULTIPLAYER FIRST YOU MORONS! Its been broken since day 1. Its f*cking still in Beta, with no patch in 4 months!
thinktwice  +   665d ago
am I the only one to think far cry 3 sucked on console especially ps3 I bought the game I played it and had a lot of bugs even the graphics want all that good! seriously I walked around in the game really looking at things it was a huge disappointment in generalin my opinion and the game was way too big plus very empty! if they are going to consider making number for I would highly suggest them to
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ginsunuva  +   665d ago
You're not supposed to buy these type of games on consoles, especially toward the end of their lifecycles.
This is a PC game. Console versions were there just to make money for people who don't know better.
PeteDoherty  +   665d ago
This is good and bad news. I love the Far Cry franchise so I'm of course happy to hear this rumor/leak but I hope the franchise doesn't become like COD and AC by fishing out slightly updated versions every year.
josephayal  +   665d ago
Damn right it's better than yours, I can teach you
I hope they don't milk this game
EpicSnowCastle  +   660d ago
The article on "what we want from FC4 was complete nonsense in my opinion", but I still want to see the game. I wish they put another year in it though and released it in early 2015.

FC3 was obviously very good looking because it was made by pro developers, but they should definately get a group of gamers in and help them on features for the game. Also they should put someone else than Massive on the multiplayer because it was AWFUL in FC3.

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