Sex Versus Substance: Can Suda51 Balance Both?

Matt Randisi writes: There are two things we know about Suda51 for sure. One is that he brands his name onto some of the most unique games we have seen this generation. The other is the man believes in the power of the promotional hype train; especially when that train has voluptuous blond women in some seriously kinky clothing. Sex certainly sells and it was proven big time with the amount of anticipation that had been built up for Lollipop Chainsaw thanks to the portrayal of the most bad ass zombie slaying high school cheerleader we know by one Miss Jessica Nigri.

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1995d ago
CrossingEden1995d ago

nope, and once again we are going to get a lesser game because of suda 51's undying mission to add as many trivial features as possible at the cost of polish and hack and slash gameplay that matches the devil may cry, bayonetta, or god of war franchise

AngryOcelots1995d ago

I hope you are wrong, but I do share your concern. I'm sure they are ok with not breaking through that wall, but it would be nice to feel like I want to buy a Suda game for once as opposed to just borrow it or wait for a price drop.