Heads Up: I Might Be Better Than You (Also, Let's Discuss Used Games)

"Of all the things to talk about in the games industry, why are we wasting time trying to thwart used games sales instead of talking more about the growing problem of half-finished games? If your game's players can upload compilation YouTube videos of the wackiest glitches in your game, and it's less than a month old, um, you've got bigger things to worry about than second-hand software sales."

-GR's Most Interesting Gamer in the World

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acharlez1998d ago

Who doesn't love used games? Aside from publishers of course.

PCGamingNoobs1998d ago

TBH i have bought a very small hand full of used games over every console. i only ever buy brand new. and i buy A LOT. so im not to bothered about this whole used game business, but im still on a certain side just because i tend to go for the better specs and better support.

im actually suprised how many people are fussed by used games i thought most people bought new these days anyway. only reason i would buy used games if they are old and you can't buy them new anymore, things like manhunt.

Wedge191998d ago

I'm sick of half assed development on games... Assassin's Creed 3 was ruined for me because of this. While the main game was fine, when I tried to go for 100% completion, I was glitched out of my Platinum trophy and that really killed the hype for me.

1998d ago