YouView: We don't see PS4 and Xbox One as an immediate threat

YouView's head of product has told TechRadar that she does not view the PS4 or the Xbox One as an 'immediate threat' to the IPTV service, despite the consoles' focus on bringing media to your living room.

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Sandmano1700d ago

Their not supposed to be a threat their GAMING consoles...

TheEnigma3131700d ago

Thank you English professor.

Sandmano1699d ago

Thanks professor socks your input is much appreciated.

nukeitall1699d ago

Yet the Xbox 360 sees more entertainment use than gaming. The PS3 is the most used device for Netflix!

Consoles are no longer "gaming" consoles only. That was the PS2/original Xbox era.

Revolver_X_1699d ago

While the Netflix thing is true, its just convenience. Do you know or have heard of anyone buying a PS3 or 360 specifically for Netflix, Hulu, etc? I can tell you what the PS3 or 360 was specifically bought for, GAMING. Anything else is extra.

nukeitall1699d ago

No, but consumer will soon buy consoles for TV use. The market is changing just like how phones were dedicated phones turned entertainment device.

Really core dedicated handheld gaming devices, where is it going? PS Vita?

It is just a matter of time if the features are compelling.

extermin8or1700d ago

Hmm they aren't suppossed to be a threat as they are for gaing. However the PS3 and 360 to be quite honest should be seen as threats by this device their functionality is very similar- So if they don't see the PS4 and particularly the Xbox one as a threat-they are stupid.

hkgamer1700d ago

I think they can be classed as a threat.
The VODTV box thing hasn't taken over British TV yet. We still watch live TV a lot and only a small percentage of people watch VOD stuff at all, legally anyway.
Now that the PS4 and Xbox is always on (or atleast always on standby) more people may use it for VOD stuff.

SpiralTear1700d ago

Yeah, I read the headline and had no idea what they were talking about.

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