The Warriors hits the PlayStation Network

By Thomas Godden

Can you dig it?

Rockstar Games’ The Warriors has finally arrived on PSN. The PS2 Classic offers gamers a chance to go back to the 2005 adaptation that details the events leading up to and through the 1979 film. Players will have to fight their way from Coney Island to the North Bronx and back against New York’s most dangerous gangs. Upon release the game was praised for its authenticity and comprehensive portrayal&# 160;of the seedy underbelly of the big apple.

The Warriors is available to download for £7.99 from PlayStation Network now.

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InMyOpinion1997d ago

This game is a hidden gem. One of the best beat em ups I've ever played. A bit tricky to get into but once you have the controls down it's a blast to play.

MajorLazer1997d ago

One of the best PS2 titles :D I am so ecstatic this has finally released , a true classic

crimsonfox1997d ago

between this and manhunt my ps3 is has been getting a R* certified beating all week ..I own these 2 games on ps2 still but I support R* with a passion because they keep it real. if anyone hasn't played this badboy.... play this badboy...

TedCruzsTaint1997d ago

Never really took to beat em' ups, but this was one of my favorites back in the day.
Still play this one from time to time. Visuals hold up fairly well for the original Xbox version.

Jacobster1997d ago

Warriors........come out and plaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!