Mattrick on Xbox One's competition: "it's not appropriate for me to comment on Sony's vision"

"It's not just Sony, it's everyone that we're trying to compete with," says IEB boss. [OXM UK]

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Skips2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

But it's cool to say they're gonna "Kill" them???

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zeal0us2027d ago

Its just smack talk to get the fanboys on both sides rowed.

NewMonday2027d ago

Mattrick is the one taking the Xbox away from it's original purpose, the ones who started the Xbox project and made the 360 a breakout success at the start of this ending generation are all gone.

Army_of_Darkness2027d ago

" Mattrick added. "We're starting with the focus on core games, great gaming experiences, great graphical capabilities"

I must have dozed off during their conference because I totally missed that part.......

falviousuk2027d ago

Please post a link to the interview in which this comment "kill them" was made, i challenge anyone to find this interview at all.

Let me spare you the time taken to search, it doesnt exist. It was never said, it was a lod of bull made up by some website for hits.

waltercross2027d ago

@ falviousuk

I Know you said It's bull, but thats your opinion.

falviousuk2027d ago

Again, can you point to THE ACTUAL INTERVIEW, not some websites throwing a piece together saying he said this, where is the interview in which he actually said this.

Haules2026d ago

For now, PS4, perhaps due to lack of information, seems to offer more of what the player wants. Xbox One has turned to other entertainment where you basically are not just video games. Something that was reflected in a presentation where the word "television" is uttered more than "game".

The truth is that we still have to wait for E3 where Sony and Microsoft, put all the cards on the table. Is it time to go for one of the two. However, right now I'm leaning toward the reign of the next generation PS4...

infamousinfolite2026d ago

For now you just have to take the websites word for it. A lot of these sites will post information about an interview that they or someone else did. As far as the "kill Sony at E3" they wouldn't have wrote on their article if the person hadn't said it.

TheXgamerLive2026d ago

.I guess sony fans didnt hear. MS said stay tuned to E3 for games. The XBOX ONE REVEAL was just that, a console reveal.
Butt hurt fanboyism here is a joke. Seriously, both consoles will bring new and exciting gaming experiences.
Besides, we still have the Wii U to talk about hahaha... jk:-)

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Axonometri2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Damage control.

greenpowerz2027d ago

Craig Davidson =/= Don Mattrick

Going in for the kill =/= bad mouthing Sony's vision

Skips2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Microsoft =/= Microsoft ???

If you ask me... Microsoft's employees should be on the same page. Just look at what happened with Phil Harrison and Xbox support.

Messy messy.


"yeah like all sony employees are on the same page all the time"

We talkin about stuff regarding Next gen kiddo, which so far, Microsoft has done a crap job with communication regarding the One.

"Yoshida isnt even on the same page with himself....he's just as confusing with his "expectations" cryptic talk."

When asked if PS4 can play used games...

Yoshida - "Yes. That's the general expectation by consumers," said Yoshida. "They purchase physical form, they want to use it everywhere, right? So that's my expectation."


If you consider THAT cryptic and confusing. Then WOOOOOOOOOW dude, just wow.

JokesOnYou2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

yeah like all sony employees are on the same page all the time, hell Yoshida isnt even on the same page with himself....he's just as confusing with his "expectations" cryptic talk.

gamertk4212027d ago

I'm sure there were many back in '05 who cringed when Kutaragi opened his yapper.

AngelicIceDiamond2027d ago

Ok well N4G can continue on with its usual Spin on things and turn this to a negative I for one wanna see these "Quadruple A experiences" AAAA.

MS has never puked at the mouth regarding games and there heavy influence. If MS impresses at E3 then the rest of world will move on and excited, while N4G will to busy playing damage control. An wasting there own time making excuses.

You guys do it all the time.

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creatchee2027d ago

To be fair, Mattrick didn't say that. He's a pretty classy guy in general, with the possible exception of that "backwards compatible" thing, which was kinda blown out of proportion.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2027d ago

He said for ME. He didn't say for others.

malokevi2027d ago

Donny didnt say that, some other shlub did. Hes right when he says that it would be unbecoming of him to comment on the PS4.

However, if you read between the lines, essentially hes saying that Sonys vision is misguided.

E3 will be the opening shots of next-gen.

Gasian2027d ago

Japanese people are crazy man. Not like I am one of them...

TheSurg2027d ago

he said "it's not appropriate for ME" ,now what other employers say it's their business. Learn to read with understanding, dear child.

StraightPath2026d ago

I have bashed the Xbox One for its reveal just as anyone else, but continuing for this long just shows that your a fan boy. Calm down pro Sony nerds we will wait for E3 and see if MS redeem themselves then we can discuss further if MS did the right thing or not.

For the record as of now I am definitely getting the PS4 over the Xbox one even though along the line when price cheaper and when is affordable for me will also be picking Xbox One up to play its exclusives games.

Stop being fan boys you can not be a real gamer without owning all platforms to play all the games available for each platform.

Microsoft would have to have an megaton E3 showing to persuade me to buy a Xbox one over PS4 initially. Which I think will be very hard to do with the damage done already but lets wait and see.

TwistedMetal2026d ago

we the gamers are gonna kill the xbox one so let them try to kill the ps4 because we gonna kill the xbox one first.

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zeal0us2027d ago

"We're starting with the focus on core games" If only you guys could've shown that at the conference. Future note for upcoming conferences should focus on games. And please no more Usher or any other musician at your conference unless that conference is specifically for music.

Reverent2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

I facepalmed so hard when they brought Usher on stage at E3. When he was done "singing" almost no one clapped/cheered. Just goes to show, core gamers are not interested in the direction Microsoft is going.

ltachiUchiha2027d ago

That might be their downfall though next gen is simply for trying to do too much & losing focus on your current consumers. Its like they are not totally ignoring the 360 but they are more focused on their next system & just letting their current system just ride out with mostly 3rd party games & the same few exclusives. They better kill it at e3 or it will be all bad for them from a core gamers perspective.

hollabox2027d ago

I don't like this guy at all. He seem like he can't operate a smart phone without calling technical support.

ThatCanadianGuy5142027d ago

He looks and sounds like a grimy, greasy, dirty used car salesmen to me.

Mr_Nuts2027d ago

Yeah he kind of does, that's why I like Jack Trenton. He's a suit but he comes across kind of friendly during the interviews, like he hasn't got that fake vibe to him.

Jazz41082026d ago

And ken looks like he needs to be on the toilet constantly

Dlacy13g2027d ago

@hollabox...just an fyi

Mattrick founded DSI in 1982 at the age of 17 by personally developing games like Evolution[3] and Test Drive for the Apple II, Commodore 64, and PC-DOS. Throughout the 1980s DSI became best known for racing and sports games and was acquired by EA in 1991

One thing I can say about Mattrick...he came from game development unlike many others in this industry

NukaCola2027d ago

Where did that retard who wore sunglasses all the time go? The original Kinect douchebag.

hollabox2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

If true impressive background he just comes across in interviews having no personality, poor posture, sleazy and I'm in over my head type of guy. Of all the 3 major console manufactures I like Mattrick the lease, I would like to see Phil Harris conduct interviews more and provide insight on MS new consoles.

Microsoft Xbox One reveal conference was horrible with this guy headlining it. If I was Microsoft I would lure Reggie Fils Amie away from Nintendo, that guy is good at making inferior products look good.

stage882027d ago

Sony's vision is games so he's right not to comment.
Games isn't really Microsofts forte.

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