Sony’s Shahid Ahmad Talks Vita, Thomas And Twitter

Sony’s Shahid Ahmad has become something of a minor celebrity of late, with his team responsible for the Vita’s current influx of indie interest. The Senior Business Development Manager was largely behind getting the sublime Thomas Was Alone onto the platform and has – as his regularly updated Twitter feed will attest – plenty more games up his sleeve.

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Sandmano2021d ago

Cant wait what they have in store for e3

sherimae24132021d ago

me too! ^_^
im already filed my leave from june 10-15 :p
i know it will be a good week for me

ltachiUchiha2021d ago

I already know that sony is going to kill e3 with some crazy reveals. You heard it here 1st mate lol.

Sandmano2021d ago

Yep it is going to be crazy

sherimae24132021d ago

more power to you and your team shahid ^_^
as a vita owner, im very glad that you are there to provide unique games for us
hoping more consistent vita support from you guys in the future ahead ^_^

Williamson2021d ago

I'm hoping for some great games that take advantage of the vita hardware like soul sacrifice or gravity rush.

LackTrue4K2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I hope the you can still use a mouse and keyboard on the new ps4!!!

The new ps4 will be the true, all in one box!

Edit..."o and add 4 USB ports please!! :)

SpinalRemains2021d ago

2d Castlevania, infamous, an NHL game and a Demons' Souls game would be so dam awesome for Vita.

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