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40 Mind Blowing Pokemon Secrets and Facts

"We've compiled a list of some of the coolest Pokemon facts & secrets you probably didn't know." (3DS, Nintendo DS, Pokemon, Pokémon 3DS, Pokemon Black Version, Wii, Wii U)

Blank  +   671d ago
I like reading the more darker things about pokemon
Saints94  +   671d ago
Digletts can mate with wailords??? O_O
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contradictory  +   671d ago
these were actually pretty fun ones.
plenty of things i didn't know as well
krontaar  +   671d ago
Not a single one a pokemon fan wouldn't already know.
Jagsrock  +   671d ago
the poliwag one is unsettling.
YoloSwag  +   671d ago
Did you guys know that Wailord can breed with Skitty?
I'm sure y'all already knew that.
tubers  +   671d ago

Now go read "My Faithful Tepig".

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