NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Official Specs, Price, SLI Benchmarks

GamersNexus: "Let's cut to the info you all want: Below, we'll explore the GTX 770's specifications, release date, pricing, memory bandwidth, and 770 vs. 780 benchmarks."

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Vip3r1816d ago

Wish I had the money for this. Luckily my GTS250 can run Bioshock Infinite up full with a more than healthy framerate.

Hydrolex1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Got the gtx 670 on sli, looks like I don't need an upgrade yayyy

ChiaPet1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

that's a crazy SLI setup man, you probably get like 100 frames in battlefield 3.
Does SLI really improve significantly upon a card 1 or 2 tiers above it?
(in your case, a 680 or 690)

Autodidactdystopia1816d ago


It depends on the game.

some are up to 95% scalable and some have no impact at all :)

Hydrolex1816d ago


Games like GTA IV, I don't see a goddamn difference lol

but games like BF3, Max Payne, Tomb Raider, HUGE DIFFERENCE

sinjonezp1816d ago

This card, 3.2 Tflops single...PS4 1.8Tflops....Wonder what multiplat next gen games will look like when using this card.

zebramocha1816d ago

Not that different from now,even if consoles didn't exist you still have GPU's of varying performances and driver issues.

ChiaPet1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Lol I love it when console fanboys try to maintain that somehow they can out perform PC's.

2pacalypsenow1815d ago

Doesn't matter if PC's outperform console games . 90% of dev favor a console versions cuz they sell more than the Pc version thats why so few game actually take advantage of all the features The sweet video cards provide

ijust2good1816d ago

How does this compare with GTX 680?

ABizzel11816d ago

It's a bit better than the 680. Not much though.

Jamaicangmr1816d ago

Well i guess it's time to up grade again. I've bought every 70 since inception 4,5,6 and now 7. Why i really don't know i don't even play alot of PC games i'm mainly a Playstation gamer but i love keeping my rig up to date.

EVGA GTX670 FTW for sale about 3 months old hardly used. lol!

NioRide1816d ago

Its pretty much just a 680 with a bios update.

kinda lame really.

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