Will the TV portion of Xbox One be viable?

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed more details about TV implementation regarding the Xbox One with some U.S. patents they submitted earlier this month. The patents detail an elaborate system for delivering, monitoring, and rewarding users who spend time watching TV shows and advertisements.

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urwifeminder1996d ago

Don't really care I only watch 24 hr news so if it has all the news of the world lol getting the xbox for games.

mirumu1995d ago

The Daily Mail article linked from that side talks of achievements. Achievements for watching TV? Seriously?

imahustla191995d ago

i watch most of my TV online now( so the tv part means nothing to me. the fantasy football stuff is cool but madden already got that built in as will PS4 i think.thats just a personal opinion tho.

Zichu1995d ago

I don't watch TV very often and even then it's mostly on demand or recorded.

I'm from the UK as well, so I don't know how quickly they will support cable in this country.

Anyway, I don't have a cable box in my room and I play games in my room so the TV stuff is completely useless to me.
NFL is also useless. It's just not popular in this country.

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