Square Enix Looking To Trademark Star Ocean

In a surprise move, Square Enix has filed to trademark the name Star Ocean. The word around twitter and other places is that Square Enix is possibly ready to reboot the franchise for either the consoles or a mobile version. We have reported that Square Enix’s new approach is to create more high quality mobile games. Square showed that they meant business by releasing Final Fantasy Tactics S for the IOS and android soon after the big announcement. Square Enix is under a lot of pressure after having recorded a net loss for the last two quarters, their approach to producing less quality console games and more smartphones games is unusual but its something they feel like will produce more income for the company in the coming years.

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rhap1879d ago

I hope it's a next gen RPG, not a stupid mobile game.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1879d ago

Great news. We need a brand new Star Ocean game. I would love to see one on next gen consoles.

rhap1879d ago

Problem is I remember reading somewhere something about the lead programmer of Tri-Ace, who worked on VP and SO titles for the past 14 years, left the company, so I'm worried The Last Hope was really the last hope and we have to deal with mobile crap now.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1879d ago

I hope thats not the case Rhap. I personally don't believe that the Square Enix is jumping on the whole mobile only train. I think its nonsense. With Wada gone I feel that they will start making the games that the fans truly want. I am incredibly excited for E3. If the rumour is true that FF versus XIII is becoming a PS4 title than its not out of the question that they are going to show FF 16 for next gen title as well. We will see I suppose.

denisx041879d ago

I think so too Wada was a huge distraction and the new regime is ordering developers to keep the fans updated on the status of console games instead of keeping them hidden.

I see good things for Square in the future, E3 will surprise many :)

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Agreed Denis. I have high hopes for Square Enix for the next generation. I truly believe Square failed us this gen not only by not listening to what the fans want but making terrible decisions and mismanagement of the company by Wada But I think it has all been a massive learning experience for Square as a company and I really think they want to truly make ammends for there mistakes and shortcomings by making awesome next gen AAA titles and listening to fans.

FamilyGuy1879d ago

We all hope that but its extremely unlikely. They're focusing on cell phone games now :/

A PS4 title would be a nice surprise at E3 though, Action-RPGs are my favorite game genre ^_^

3-4-51879d ago

I'm about 30% done with Star Ocean First Departure for PSP and I have SO2 ready to play once I beat the first game.

I stopped playing for a while, I'm not sure why though. Nothing in the game was bad but not much stood out as awesome or amazing or great.

I've heard #2 is better and I'm a fan of the series now so a new Star Ocean game would be nice.

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illtornworld1879d ago

I hope its a next gen and also a Vita version! Fingers crossed, touchscreen combat! i hope its still the classic japan style and nott western!

SaiyanFury1879d ago

There's typically only one Star Ocean game per generation. Hopefully, we'll see it on the PS4/Vita. I know I'll be waiting. :)

IcicleTrepan1879d ago

Playing through the 360 version of the last hope right now and am enjoying it. Graphics are a bit dated on it but I would love to see a next gen sequel. Would def. buy it.

arronax-11879d ago

I just hope they drop the awkward looking graphics engine for this and go for something that actually fits the lore for this series.

Rask1879d ago

I want a new Star Ocean AND Valkyrie Profile 3 T_T

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