Xbox One preorders are "extremely positive" despite "negative comments" about pre-owned - Shopto

Green Man Gaming boss feels Microsoft has been "unfairly slammed" for lack of info
A number of UK retailers have thrown their weight behind Xbox One, in the face of on-going upset about Microsoft's mostly unexplained approach to pre-owned software, allegations that Kinect 2.0 breaches the user's privacy, and that once-a-day internet connection requirement.

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PigPen2022d ago

I knew that would be the

B-radical2022d ago

Who cares if xbox does out sell playstation in uk USA is were its at!

NBT912022d ago

Yeah its not like EU has a bigger population or anything...

LaChance2022d ago Show
hakis862022d ago

Extremely positive pre-orders? WHY? Are people braindead?
Sorry, a bit harsh perhaps, but you would think people at least waited until E3 in hopes for some quality games = a reason to buy it.

NewMonday2022d ago

so what are the actual numbers?


thechosenone2022d ago

But without the actual numbers it's all just a bunch of fluff.

MikeMyers2022d ago

It's the retail end that matters at the end if the day.

Virus2012022d ago Show
Utalkin2me2022d ago

Well i feel this is just a PR thing, but who knows.

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fermcr2022d ago

WiiU preorders were also "extremely positive"... then after a few months their sales declined a lot.

plaZeHD2022d ago

Advertising would solve that problem.

Aery2022d ago

You can't really expect that a retailer will say something negative about the stuff they want to sell.

loulou2022d ago

could you tel me what a retailer gets out of lying about the pre-orders?

what are microsoft gonna say "you have done so well with the pre-orders, we will give you 10k xbox 1s for free"??

seriously, you could not make up what goes on inside the heads of fanboys on this site

rainslacker2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Technically going from 0 to 1 or 100 is going in a positive direction. Blockbuster we can laugh at their "record" because they've never done preorders before the Wii U. The rest is meaningless without numbers or comparisons between the two. Either way it's meaningless as you say, because pre-ordered doesn't necessarily reflect actual demand...again citing Wii U and even the original Wii as an example.

If Game, or GameStop, or Best Buy, or Amazon, and I suppose ShotTo(big in UK?) came out and said something like "Xbox pre-orders are more than double the 360's and double the PS4's, then it might be more meaningful.

I would say this is true in reverse when it comes to Sony as well. It's fan boy fodder so they can point fingers and eventually call each other hypocrites.

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Aery2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

(sorry, double post :( )

GameCents2022d ago

And now that an actual retailer has spoken about it, conspiracy heads will start shouting for them to show us the numbers.

rainslacker2022d ago

If you're going to assert that it's proof of huge demand, then sure why not. I know some people like believing everything they personally I'm more cynical about everything, and I hate the world, and all the people in it. So show me some numbers so I can make an educated correlation, instead of taking everything at face value.

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PigPen2022d ago

I knew that would be the case.

MasterCornholio2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Well so far the XBOX One is bound to be a hit in the UK and USA but i dont know how well it will do in the rest of the world.

Oh well at least ill have more Playstation gamers in my continent which will be great for multiplayer games.

Blackdeath_6632022d ago

same i have no idea where this support for the xbox came from in the uk but apparently that seems to be the case. i don't get it, i mean no one in the UK watches NFL absolutely no one yet that took up a sizeable section of the reveal and it didn't seem to put some people off.

loulou2022d ago

blackdeath are you serious?? the 360 is massive in the UK, and you can bet that the next xbox will be big as well

dcbronco2022d ago

It comes from normal people who don't live on gamer sites and aren't infected with sheep's disease. It's based on the much larger world that also buys consoles.

jmc88882022d ago

They seem to easily sellout the NFL games that go there every year.

Not to mention about 10 or so years of various teams in the WLAF or NFL Europe.

BraidedWALLACE2022d ago

i wouldn't be surprise if M$ is the ones thats doing the majority of the preordering themselves to try to paint this image.. Just Saying

AllroundGamer2022d ago

bribed clappers on the reveal show, nuff said...

Convas2022d ago

Or or, they could've been MS employees, as was confirmed some time ago.


NBT912022d ago

I would take money to falsely cheer for a game console to be honest.
No worse than the fan boys on here who do it for free, for the love of the company.

But yeah, it was from employees. The media were too busy doing their jobs of reporting and noting I guess.

AllroundGamer2022d ago

there were also certainly bribed clappers, cause nobody with sense or a gamer would clap to that... and i feel sorry for anyone who would. I'm a gamer since 1988 and it's sad in which direction the gaming is going...

DarthJay2022d ago

Nice hat. Is it Reynolds Wrap or store brand?

dcbronco2022d ago

Gotta use the good stuff when your life is on the line.

greenpowerz2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Does everybody on this site wear tin foil hats?

"bribed clappers on the reveal show, nuff said"

LOL The clapping was from proud MSFT employees that had been secretly working on the Xbox for years and finally being able to show it at the reveal on MSFT's campus wear there are thousnads of employees LMAO. You think MSFT was not going to allow them to be a part of that event?.

"i wouldn't be surprise if M$ is the ones thats doing the majority of the preordering themselves to try to paint this image.. Just Saying"

Yeah MSFT goes around the world impersonating thousands of average consumers.

My comments keep getting marked for trolling when PS3 fans are doing the trolling LOL

Septic2022d ago

While you are quite relentless in the somewhat aggressive manner in which you make your points, you sure as hell aren't as bad as some of the complete utter fanboys on here who get bubbled up for posting ABSOLUTE NONSENSE.

Case in point, this whole 4>1 sig thing. It's just so sad /puke

PFFT2022d ago

Thats N4G for you bud. Any type of MS defense comment will get you marked for trolling OR they the Sony defense squad will kill off any bubbles you have. Its quite sad really.

jessupj2022d ago

Don't really know what they have to be proud of.

I find current xbox fanboys very peculiar. After the direction MS is taking non of them can be considered gamers.

Utalkin2me2022d ago

So you're saying during that reveal you could see people clapping in the audience when clapping sound was being done? Oh wait you can't reply, darn the luck.

loulou2022d ago

agreed septic. the 4>1 plus them stupi Kaz gifs and not forgetting the same twats to post first in every xbox 1 thread have gotten beyond a joke.

and as usual, the mods do nothing.

but yes here you have the typical idiotic nonsense fanboy comment of the day

"i wouldn't be surprise if M$ is the ones thats doing the majority of the preordering themselves to try to paint this image.. Just Saying"

n4g is nothing but a gutter site, with a gutter community (fanboys) and useless mods... just saying

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GameCents2022d ago

Wow! Did I just read that??

Cherchez La Ghost2022d ago

Why would a company per-order their own product?! Even if the numbers sold were positive, they still loose profit buying their own product.

The only companies that do that kind of strategy is the music industry who pay to give their artist an # of spins a day on radio and music video.

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talocaca2022d ago

Well....that's always the case with new consoles isn't it? takes a few months to see how well it is actually doing.

NateCole2022d ago

Is in the interest of game retailers to hype console preorder/sales as that's where they make their money regardless of which console. If it was the other way around they would claim that PS4 is doing well.

Even with the Wii-U i have never heard any retailer being pessimistic or talk down their sales. It's how they operate.

It's good though for the industry in general if there is a high demand for new consoles.

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