Xbox One Games Priced at £89.99 on Amazon UK

"We've already seen placeholder prices for Microsoft's Xbox One shot straight up to $899 on EB Games Australia, with controllers priced at $99. Could the prices for games - even if they are just placeholders - be any worse? Yes they can."

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Hellsvacancy1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

No, £50 will be as high as they go, same for PS4 titles

HammadTheBeast1603d ago

PS4 titles have been confirmed to be $60 or less.

Blackdeath_6631603d ago

£50 is little too high i don't think i ever saw a game sold at that price (not including limited editions) with the exception of call of duty. COD is the only game i remember being sold above £40-£45 this gen i don't see how that will change going into next gen.

ANIALATOR1361603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I think the rrp is 50 or 55 quid but supermarkets and game stores always lower it to compete. usually around £35-40

ijust2good1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

an average PSone game back in the day cost £20.
PS2 days it cost £30.
PS3 £40
Next gen will likely be £50.

So an average of £10 increase every generation. Its sad given the fact next gen is not a MASSIVE leap as they have been in previous gen such as PS1 to PS2/PS2 to PS3. Plus, the fact they are using PC based architecture comes easy transition between platforms. PC games still cost less than there console counterpart makes this excuse of increasing price of games every generation the great un-debated corporate money grab.

Remember the Wii U games at launch were £50, now they seem to have gone down to £40 cause the Wii U isn't selling? Sure, they can sell games lower if they choose to but they won't. Plus the question of DRM and Second hand games block makes this even problematic. Buying games may become an issue like no other generation before it.

ChiaPet1602d ago

It's probably some guy who is just trying to rip people off by selling it for more than its actually worth.

There are a lot of those people on Amazon

rainslacker1602d ago

Wii U titles were priced at $99.99 here in the US on amazon. They do that so if they come out more than they expect, they don't have to honor the pre-order price guarantee. Don't know why people make a big deal about this every time a new console is announced.

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Lucreto1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

It is a placeholder price.

Amazon have a pre-order guarantee. They want the pre-orders but not willing give a realistic price until it is confirmed to them. There is no point in pre-ordering at the current prices rates if they are going up next generation which I hope not.

GadgetGooch1602d ago

The pre-order guarantee means that they will go down when the price is revealed/confirmed, not that they will go up...That's the whole point of the guarantee.

PigPen1603d ago

I will not pay $90 dollars for a game unless I no it's really good. And I won't take gaming sites opinion on it either, I'll rent it first.

MasterCornholio1603d ago

How are you going to rent games on the XBOX One with their DRM policy?

sway_z1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )



You rock!


Wha! ..I thought it was a funny response to a stupid comment...disagree some more Xbox fanatics.


PigPen1602d ago

That's a good point, but I am not buying a Xbox One.

HarryMasonHerpderp1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

lol you will be paying a lot more than $90 if games are priced at £90.

PigPen1602d ago

I have a Nintendo Wii U.

ANIALATOR1361603d ago

90 dollars is way less than 90 pounds...

bub161602d ago

US citizens seem to think the world only spins for them

AAACE51602d ago


Not really! It's just that most of the worlds economy is based off of the dollar!

Ever heard of the Petro dollar?

Understand that and you will understand the real reason for all the world conflict and the conflict that's coming!

Take a peak at You will start to understand!

jetlian1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

ace been looking at stormclouds for 2 hours. been saying it for years. As for games its been said they will be the same as this gen

Vip3r1603d ago

£90 is nearly $140.

Do learn to distinguish different currency symbols.

zebramocha1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

That's not are fault when in Europe they have the £ and € sign as interchangeable currency with different monetary values.

Vip3r1602d ago


The Pound and Euro symbols are still more than distinguishable.

zebramocha1602d ago

@vip3r not if you don't see that often.

trenso11602d ago

@zebramocha if they dont see it often maybe the should educate them selves on other currency systems other than the US.

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franko1603d ago

I don't give a s**t cause i ain't buying that big remote.

Sitdown1602d ago

So why even waste your time posting about it?

cunnilumpkin1603d ago

with no resell value, next gen games damn well better be $30 usd or less AAA game at launch

or they can F off

i'll stick with pc next gen

just got alan wake American nightmare for $1.50 and sniper ghost warrior 2 for $14.99 on steam today

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