What about FPS?

Are FPS games getting too stale? Does multiplayer need something more than tacked on capture-the-flag mini-games? Are too many bullets causing gamers to throw tactics out the window and become mindless triggers happy drones?

Joe H, one of the many featured bloggers at, takes a look at the FPS genre.

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Genesis53919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

To many generic ones. I still enjoy a good FPS. With the operative word there being good. It just seems that lately there has been a rush by some developers to cash in on the genre. Leading to some really poor quality games flooding the market.

zypher3919d ago

the recent fps rave seems to be centered most around CoD4 and Halo 3, but personally i thought Bioshock and Portal were both thoroughly more enjoyable, and neither wholeheartedly encouraged killing to reach the main goal. on a whole i do think the fps genre has become stagnant, and after games like Uncharted, Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War, i much prefer 3rd person shooters. just my personal opinion.

blackbumbo3918d ago

i agree with liking the 3rd person view in fps now, especially in gears, but i can't put bio shock over COD4, i prefer the the faster pace of cod and the craziness, bullet bullet bullet

ps3 is my champion3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

... bullet throwers are a bit played out, at least to people like me who have invested tens of thousands of hours in them since duke nukem.

SaiyanFury3919d ago

I seldom play FPS games for that very reason, lack of diversity. Not to mention that a lot of the time they are mindless shooters with no thought of strategy or the such. That's not to say I don't play FPS games, just not very many.

Official General3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

I totally agree with you guys there. I just think the gaming scene right now is a little bit oversaturated with FPS games, and there certainly is a significant lack of variety and diversity in this genre. I dont mind playing an excellent FPS game every now and then - I completed Call of Duty 4 on my PS3 and it was incredible and very enjoyable. But I dont want to really be playing FPS games all the time, I generally prefer 3rd person perspective games of the shooter or action/adventure genre, eg. Unchartered, Metal Gear Solid, GTA 4, Ninja Gaiden. I always tend to have only a very small handful of FPS games in my collection and even then they have to be the very best ones out (e.g COD4) of which there are not too many. I dont feel the need to own too many of them, as of right now most FPS games just seem too generic and similar and I kinda agree with this article.

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