Tim Schafer is announcing a new game today

Speculations abound as Tim Schafer, CEO of Double Fine Productions, tweeted a few hours ago that the company will announce a new game today.

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Abriael1939d ago

Personally I've found most of his games overrated due to nostalgia and the fact that now he's "indie", but I'm keeping an open mind.

Alexious1939d ago

Well, it is true that some of his last few games were a hit or miss. Still, crossing fingers for something original and next gen.

fermcr1938d ago

I have to agree. Double Fine's latest games aren't that good, quite overrated.

Hope their kickstarter adventure game is better then their latest games.

grailly1938d ago

double fine games have a certain charm to them that make them appear better than the sum of their parts.

when I think about brutal legend for example, I disliked most of the gameplay, but somehow the game manages to have me thinking fondly about it quite often.

I don't think many developpers are able to make games with such charm.

PCGamingNoobs1939d ago

grim fandango 2...... *sigh* i can keep on hoping can't i!

Alexious1939d ago

He already said it's not a port or sequel.

PCGamingNoobs1939d ago

I know, the reason i said i can keep hoping. still i like this guy, interested to see anything he does.

Lucreto1939d ago

I hope it is not another Kinect game but I am looking forward to seeing what it is.

RenegadeRocks1939d ago

What happened to his Kickstarter game?? Which game was that? Is it out?

Alexious1939d ago

Double Fine Adventure is not out yet.

RenegadeRocks1938d ago

Thanx for the info :) ! Weren't they supposed to chronicle the whole development in videos. Funny, I never heard of it since the kickstarter.

Hydralysk1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

That's because you didn't back it. There's been around 9 or so 20-40 minute documentary episodes released since the kickstarter ended.

Double Fine also has multiple teams, so its not like they need to take people off of Broken Age to work on this.

solidt121938d ago

I downloaded Psychonauts off PSN and that game is incredible. Im looking forward to his new IP.

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