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Quantum Break Xbox One cover revealed

The next game from Remedy Entertainment, Quantum Break, has just revealed its cover for the Xbox One. And a possible release date as well. (Quantum Break, Xbox One)

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DigitalAnalog  +   688d ago
*Sigh.. Another "Chin-down, Eyes up" cover. Will developers at least try to come up with better covers
IAMERROR  +   688d ago
I really liked the placeholder art :/
What happened?

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PLASTICA-MAN  +   688d ago
A cover already? SO it means 100% it is a launch game.

Edit: WTH? The character looks completely retarded and ugly with his head bigger than his body like a bobblehead. I hope the game will be good and won't be how the box art reflects it.
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r21  +   688d ago
Woah, that looks good. Why'd they change it to generic guy in the cover with a gun thing :L
inveni0  +   688d ago
Am I the only person that doesn't get all hissy about cover art? They should be designed to attract the eye among a bunch of other covers. The only way a cover is bad is if it doesn't do this. I honestly don't care about much else, but I'm probably the minority.
JokesOnYou  +   688d ago
lol, [Alarm goes off in the background] "this just in, we got another problem, they dont like the boxart, nah really, I thought they would love it."
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minimur12  +   688d ago
so it's a game?
cyclindk  +   688d ago
Hmm, simple and intriguing. Perhaps a bit visually underwhelming when you consider what we are all used to, but very effective.

Reminiscent of the Heavy Rain origami motif.
Shadow Flare  +   687d ago
Quantum Break - Season One
MoveTheGlow  +   687d ago
To all the "Why did they change the cover to some guy with a gun?" people:

Ask Ken Levine.

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GameNameFame  +   687d ago
@Plastica-Man Its not launch
Apparently it is opposite "early dev"

which tells me MS dont have to much to show and have to pull games that are still far from being finished.
Blackdeath_663  +   688d ago
getting bored of that too. i don't think box art will be as relevant on xbox one considering you have to install all your games on the 500GB HDD. on pc box art is non-existent as most games are digital unless you buy limited edition of the game but even then you get a code so you can install it online.

off topic: they released the cover art but have yet to explain what the game even is. a girl touching a woman's ear and then a ship crashing into a bridge explains jack sh!t. really hard to get people excited about this game when you don't show them anything
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loulou  +   687d ago
but if this was a sony game, you would be going mad
wenaldy  +   688d ago
There you go, folks.

MoveTheGlow  +   687d ago
OMG, when they mentioned Legend of the Guardians I cracked up. Thanks for that!
fermcr  +   688d ago
It's not that bad. I like the cover. Let's hope the game is good. Reminds me a bit of the movie Jumper (a teenager with teleportation abilities).
turgore  +   688d ago
That was such a bad movie. SUCH A BAD movie.
Conzul  +   687d ago
I was gonna say - it looks like that movie "Push"

Edit: It looks like the warping ability will directly combat Delsin's smoke dash ability.

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stage88  +   688d ago
Agreed. Horribly generic.

And also the green xbone cases clash with every box art except green ones. Disgusting looking all round.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   687d ago
Because you by the game to look at the cover for 6 to 8 hours...

@Stage Just another lost Sony troll bashing EVERYTHING Xbox like always and contributes nothing but crap.

Go home stage, just go.
GameCents  +   688d ago
Now we are just nitpicking. That cover actually looks good.
We all have our biases and they are showing.
andibandit  +   687d ago
I could not agree more....in a month that has brought nothing but aggravating news, i couldn't care less if the game shipped with a picture of a turd on it.
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andrewsqual  +   687d ago
Hmm this originally came from Remedy's official website which alot of people seem to be missing.
Upon going to their website I just realised that even they are disabling comments.
Persistantthug  +   687d ago
So I've been wondering.....
Are QUANTIC DREAM and Remedy Entertainment good friends?
user4672848   687d ago | Spam
PSVita  +   687d ago
And it's blue and orange.

jmartin321  +   687d ago
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titletownrelo  +   687d ago
looks like a bobble-head XD
joe90  +   687d ago
If Quantum Break was a PS4 exclusive the Cover Art would be totally kick ass though right?

The game will be good regardless of the cover as Remedy know how to make games,
Flames76  +   687d ago
That's what puts Xbox owners apart from the PS3 fanboys.Xbox owners talk about Xbox games and playing their Xbox games.Sony fanboys are more worried about going to Xbox forums and putting down Xbox games.My guess is they have nothing to play i don't know?That's the main reason i got rid of my PS3 to many kiddies.I dont have time for 12 year old crap.Everyone i play games with on the Xbox is in their 20s,30s,and even 40s
onyoursistersback  +   687d ago
@ article...
hours latter, game gets pushed back!!!
lol...i guess all the rumors about Microsoft being 6 months behind are holding up to be true!!
Koyes  +   687d ago
It's only a cover art. Stop nitpicking every little thing!
sashimi  +   688d ago
That green...ruins the already boring cover
PigPen  +   688d ago
That's one, where's the other 14 exclusives.
Skips  +   688d ago
Well 7 are from already existing IP's like Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza, Crack Down, Alan Wake, Killer Instinct, Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Viva Pinata???

As for the eight new IP's...

Quantum Break
FPS from Black Tusk studio
Whatever the hell these two are http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...
Kinect One
Kinect Fitness

That just leaves 3...
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MegaSackman  +   688d ago
well, RARE will need an army of devs to launch all those games in one year.
GusBricker  +   687d ago
Hopefully Rare is making a platformer.
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MoveTheGlow  +   687d ago
Kinect One's just the name of the camera, methinks. That doesn't mean we won't see more Kinect silliness, but I don't think we'll get a game called Kinect One.

Are we sure about Gears? Isn't Epic moving on to some new franchise... no... probably not... probably more Gears retreading.

LOL @ Perfect Dark! Do you think Rare's been endowed with the lion's share of MS staff to reboot four freaking titles? That's to say nothing of their probable involvement in whatever Kinect Sports thing crawls onto the E3 stage.

I know one thing: If there's Viva Pinata, it'll be all Kinect. I don't know how Rare reboots Killer Instinct after NetherRealm knocked Mortal Kombat out of the park, but hey, it'll be interesting if they do.
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first1NFANTRY  +   688d ago
that's one ugly cover. the green makes it look like a Dora The Explorer dvd you would buy for your kids lol.
rainslacker  +   688d ago
This game actually caught my interest at the conference...mostly because it's Remedy, but still. This cover is about as generic as they come. It's like saying "this is shooter #1343". Oh well. If it's a launch title people buying the system will know about it. Hope the game play and story are interesting.
MikeyDucati1  +   688d ago
Anybody got the synopsis scoop?
isa_scout  +   688d ago
Strange that people would be talking aboutthe cover art and release date when we haven't even seen what the game actually looks like yet...
dark_101  +   688d ago
Yeah, If it was killzone people here might worship its awesomeness and creativity XDD


And so far we don't know much about the game,
it might be cool
it might suck

I'm just sayin'
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coolbeans  +   688d ago
Well...there's not much else to talk about for QB until E3.
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Salooh  +   688d ago
I have a feeling that i would love this game just like alan wake. It's sucks that i won't buy X1 . Too much limitations in it..
byeGollum  +   688d ago
People will always have something negative to say about even the minuscule of things.

A unique style box art.
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isa_scout  +   688d ago
I don't think people are complaining over the box art so much; instead I'd say they(like me) are just excited to see what the GAME actually looks like not it's box art.Like I said before, it's weird to start talking about release dates and cover art for a game no one but the developers have even seen. Oh well, I'm guessing we'll see a good deal of it at E3.
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ComBaTs0uL  +   688d ago
Gollum your right this board is full of them.
WitWolfy  +   688d ago
Dude looks like a younger Wakeen Phoenix
Cherchez La Ghost  +   688d ago
Now people complaining about game covers now?! SMH......
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peowpeow  +   687d ago
I feel like this is Xb1 negativity carrying over lol. I sort of like this cover
Plagasx  +   688d ago
Sighs, another Generic looking Box art.
Braid  +   688d ago
And suddenly we are all art critics.

It's OK, poeple. It's a video game cover, not something to be shown at the international exposition of contemporaray art. You'll most probably walk through corridors and gun down some dudes, you won't be painting the Ginevra de' Benci.

I hate how even the tiniest bits of a video game like the cover art is up to discussion nowadays. If it's good, that's a nice thing, if not, move on. I really don't see anyone not buying a game just because he/she doesn't like the cover.

That being said, it looks generic, and I wouldn't care less about it as long as the ACTUAL game is good enough.
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FernandoMartinez  +   688d ago
Must be the worst box art in quite some time...
whoyouwit04  +   687d ago
Are you people serious? you just can find any thing positive to say about the xbox one. Who the hell cares what the box art look like as long as the game is good.
I bet sony could reveal a box art cover with a simple rain drop, and you would think it's the best thing since sliced bread.
BabyTownFrolics  +   687d ago
this site is more about hating anything MS than it is about gaming at this point

remedy make great games, I am looking forward to finding out more about this new IP. Box art, good or bad, means next to nothing in the grand scheme of things.

name one quality game that failed due to its box art
whoyouwit04  +   687d ago
"this site is more about hating anything MS than it is about gaming at this point"

Yes it is, but then the sony fans are dumb struck when their are many polls showing more interest in the xbox one; even with all the bad press. Now imagine if Microsoft do come with the games at e3, and how the interest will jump threw the roof.We already know for a fact regardless of what Microsoft shows at E# sony fans are waiting to bash it.
SlapHappyJesus  +   687d ago
Huge fan of Remedy.
Really hoping for this to come to PC.

Here's to hoping for information on a potential Alan Wake 2 soon after release though.
I'm a fan of gaming in general and although I do prefer Sony, I give credit where credit is due. I see what you're saying though. In all honesty this game caught my attention when they revealed it.

I understand the flaws of the Xbox One from what they have announced, but I don't like to bash everything Microsoft. This game looks promising and I hope Xbox Fans enjoy it. we are all Gamers here and I can only hope the people who purchase Xbox One, get great exclusives as MS has said.
Der_Kommandant  +   687d ago
Dat ass
jaklink  +   687d ago
Is that Joaquin Phoenix on the cover?!
kraigslist_killa  +   687d ago
This is wonderful, box art before actual game play......hey hey hey eff you bro, I don't care if you respect me.
windblowsagain  +   687d ago
Alan sleep type game.
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Claudinho69  +   687d ago
quantum theory wanna be
sarcastoid  +   687d ago
the drop shadow around the title kills it. Looks like a fan-made box art. In a bad way.
Drainage  +   687d ago
lmao at the guns and the shitty ass flop that this will be
feraldrgn  +   687d ago
So going by the name, it sounds like a "Quantum Leap" type game, travelling through specific points in time to prevent them from happening, or make sure they happen.

Something disturbing the timeline that you have to stop?
(Shame he has a gun though).
level 360  +   687d ago
Guy looks a lot like Joaquin Phoenix don't you agree?..
LoveSpuds  +   687d ago
Well I loved Alan Wake when it eventually turned up so am quite excited to see what comes of this game.

Having said that, I think that the reveal was dreadful - the switch from live action to CGI was really jarring to me.

On the subject of the box art, it is a little generic looking but still a nice piece of art that I only wish I had the talent to knock up.

EDIT - having looked again, as others have said - his head is way to big for that body????
#26 (Edited 687d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Buuhan1  +   687d ago
Chin-down eyes up dude-bro with a gun? CHECK.

Attractive woman in skin-tight pants showing her ass? CHECK.

Yep. That's a modern video game cover.

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