GTA V Multiplayer Gameplay Features Release

Multiplayer will be more like single-player.

Activities will be all open, and also there will be missions like in single-player, although they will be their own unique story heists set up for people to team up and take down.

Some missions, players will be split up and each person has their different roles to play in the set-up, when certain missions go down, you will be competing with other crews who are working on their own agenda.

Also some players will be able to choose to play as cops like in GTA IV, and they have to stop the heists and gang wars and various missions from happening.

You will also have your own gang-hideouts, which other players will try to take over whenever they want, and you will have to defend them, a bit like turf wars.

Other modes like ‘Mafiya Wars’ will also be fully integrated in to the free roam, where players can choose to compete or just not bother.. there will be ‘Land Grab’ and ‘Most Wanted’ type features similar to Red Dead Redemption but expanded.

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Wizziokid2021d ago

"there will be ‘Land Grab’ and ‘Most Wanted’ type features similar to Red Dead Redemption but expanded"


I loved the RDR multiplayer so this is welcomed news

Kanzes2021d ago

Nothing's confirmed here

jensen862021d ago

sounds sick bring on sep 17

ainsz2021d ago

It all sounds good, don't know wether to believe it or not.

I'm really hoping for RPG style online for V. So you can buy properties, cars, weapons and so on. I think it could work with Rockstar at helm.

Ace_Pheonix2021d ago

Everything about this article screams bullshit. Just a kid on the playground making shit up. Move along, folks.

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