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With The Last Of Us just around the corner, OPM peer back at Naughty Dog’s past and conduct a history lesson to recap its journey up until now.

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NateCole1907d ago

I was in Uni when i first came across Crash. It was so much fun and funny at the same time. We alternated Crash, GT2 and Tekken 3 for comeptition. It was weird at first with all of us guys loving crash just as much as tekken 3. Then it really didn't matter because Crash was just so good.

Crash Team racing was even better. Oh the good old Uni days. Played PS1 games till early morning just before lectures lol!.

yewles11906d ago

Incomplete as all hell. Where are the JAM games? Rings of Power? Way of the Warrior? Etc.? Cover more bases next time, 'OPM'...

Sy_Wolf1906d ago

It's a history of Naughty Dog, not Jam.

Roccetarius1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I loved playing Crash and Jak & Daxter when i was younger. Those were some really good games.

Also, a interesting fact is that Sony wanted Uncharted to look more gritty, realistic. Otherwise it would've looked more like their previous games.

talocaca1906d ago

I will buy anything with their name on the box.

However, I would love to see them release less serious games too...after Jak 2 it is all for an older demographic

I miss their childish charm..maybe Knack?

fourOeightshark1906d ago

As long as Naughty Dog is around there's no reason for me not to buy a PlayStation console.

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