VGU Poke Run, Episode 1: The Challenge Begins

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen to our first youtube series, the VGU Poke Run!

This is a Randomiser, Nuzlocke, Race to decide which one of us is a true Pokemon Master!

In this First Instalment: Dom, Kieron and Ian begin their adventures with mixed results. Who has the best head start? Tune in and find out!

Here are the rules of the challenge:

* This is a Nuzlocke, meaning that we are keeping to Nuzlocke rules. The rules are that we are only allowed to capture the first Pokemon in an area that we encounter. If any of our Pokemon faint they are classed as DEAD and must be placed in a dead box. If any player has all their Pokemon faint, they must restart the race from the beginning.

* This is a Randomiser Run. The randomiser literally randomises everything in the game. For us in particular it is randomising Random Encounters, Trainers, Gym Leaders and Trainer Names & Class Names.

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