Mirror's Edge 2 listing appears on EA Help Center Section

After numerous leaks, it looks like Mirror’s Edge could very well be a reality.

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turnerdc1756d ago

One of the 15 Xbox One exclusives? Those Amazon listings that popped up earlier were only for Xbox One.

Smurf11756d ago

Don't think it's an exclusive but if it is they will most certainly ruin it with Kinect.

kneon1756d ago

Or they will ruin it by making it a shooter, or worse, both :(

DOMination-1756d ago

I really can't believe that a Dice/EA game would be exclusive, but I'm glad either way because I always wanted to see a sequel. MS did say those 15 games were internally developed titles at the reveal so like I was saying in another post, in theory this should not be one of them but with MS recent spin, who knows anymore.

Skips1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

What DOMination- said.

"MS did say those 15 games were internally developed titles"

"I'm proud to announce that Microsoft studios plans to release 15 exclusives. etc. etc.

Timed exclusive is as far as you'd get with EA but even then, it's HIGHLY unlikely...

Timed DLC is what I'm betting on...

DOMination-1756d ago

Thanks Sonic, I should have provided that link myself. +helpful. I agree, it's most likely timed dlc or something similar. Even if it's a kinect2.0 game, there's nothing that MS showed that makes me think the PSeye-kinect-thingy (does that have an actual name yet?) is particularly less rocket science.

Maybe, at a push, EA might package the original ME exclusively on Xbox (think MoH, Dead Space on ps3) perhaps but that's about as far as I see their "strategic partnership" going for now.

-Superman-1756d ago

Mirror Edge is one of my favorite games of all time.
Bright city, running on rooftops, sun, great music. I really love this game.
White, rooftop, run and great music, you can´t find any game like that :)

RegorL1756d ago

NEW song from Lisa Miskovsky - Wild Winds

fermcr1756d ago

If Microsoft pays for development then Mirror's Edge 2 can be a exclusive, just like Nintendo is paying for Bayonetta 2 development.

DeadlyFire1756d ago

When the fuck has EA been exclusive to a platform? Its like saying Call of Duty is only releasing on the WiiU.

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I rely drought it be on xbox one only they be stupid to do that tbh soon see at E3 a week on mon

aviator1891756d ago

yeah...I have no idea what he or she is trying to say..


here what I mean for the 2 people who don't understand...:
I don't think this game will be on Xbox one only EA would be stupid to do that tbh we soon see if they announce the game at E3 a week on Monday
if you don't get this not saying a word...

JKelloggs1755d ago

Thanks for clearing that up :)

Salooh1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Impossible. The game will release at some point. Hopefully soon and only for next generation ^^ ( doubt the NextGeneration point though).

Multiplatform never turn into exclusive. Never saw that. Unless MS do drugs. It's like saying watch dog only on ps4 because it revealed on the ps meeting. That's just dumb..

Salooh1756d ago

I mean in ps and xbox multiplatforms -.-

We will see at E3. Even if it's true MS steal Multiplatform because they can't make their own games. That's not a good thing..

Mono-san1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

...ever heard of a game called Halo? ^^
(Thinking of the PC here)