Wii U special: R1,000 ($102) for Premium Edition

Toys R Us introduce a limited time mega-price-slashing special to Nintendo’s 32GB Wii U console

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PigPen1998d ago

Is that right, a $102 for a premium Wii U. I'm jealous

Wolfbiker1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

WTF is R1,000?

edit: nevermind a little google research answered my question.

jcnba281998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

This article failed to point out that the offer (if true) is only available in South Africa.

Neonridr1998d ago

well where else in the world do you use Rand as the currency? Only in South Africa my friend.

ABizzel11997d ago

I would image this is an international site, so most people aren't aware of different currencies outside of their own country.

At first I thought it was Toys R Us reward points, or something, but I clicked before I wasted any time looking it up.

GameCents1998d ago

It is true. Saw it with my own eyes.

g-nome1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

All gone already , give gamers a bargain and they can't resist.

Yes , it is true , lots of people picked up a console at that price this morning.

Neonridr1998d ago

for $100 no reason not to get a Wii U, even if you weren't really a fan. That's a ridiculous price. Nintendo should do a one day massive sale here in NA. Their userbase would jump considerably if they offered consoles for that price for one day.

Captain Qwark 91998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

im not interested in the wii u at all however for 100 bones, sold!

a massive sale like that, maybe 2 days only or something isnt a half bad idea. increase user base significantly, perhaps gain more sales through word of mouth, perhaps even gain more 3rd party support as it wont be so risky for devs with the increased install base

Neonridr1998d ago

totally agree, Nintendo would take a little bit of a hit in terms of money lost on each console, but they would move significant numbers. Not to mention they would move tons of Nintendo software, so that would more than make up for it.

Are you listening Nintendo?

TwistedMetal1998d ago

nope people would just buy them all and resell for profit on ebay. this would never work in america. to many scalpers and flippers.

TheBrit1998d ago

Yeah but a lot of people would get them, trade them in at game stop for a much better price and put that money towards an actual game console :)

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