Kojima wants us to guess MGSV's story theme, posts another picture from the trailer

Kojima has asked his fans to try to guess Metal Gear Solid V's story theme. So far, the right answer has not been given yet.

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ZodTheRipper1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Since the MGS themes are generally anti-war and in the first trailer it seemed like child soldiers are a topic of the game I'd guess that it's something in that direction ...but the two screenshots on the other hand hint into another direction so I'll rather be patient for another week. Can't wait for E3 :)

Nyxus1819d ago

The theme is of course 'Dave', from David Hayter. :P

Nyxus1819d ago

Could be. Big Boss said he was going to fight 'the times'. Then there's the 9 year coma as well.

ANIALATOR1361818d ago

I think that sounds plausible. The boss used to mention "the times" and how it influences countries and ideologies. How one country can be an ally one minute and an enemy the next.

Nyxus1817d ago

Yeah, and you have the 9 year time span with the coma, plus the day/night cycle that influences the gameplay.

Nyxus1819d ago

By the way, Kojima said it isn't 'love', 'fate' or 'hope', three options that people suggested.