The Last of Us Post Pandemic Edition Statue close up

Close up pictures of upcoming figure from The Last of Us Post Pandemic edition.

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JimmyHACK1998d ago

Am I the only one seeing Joel's derp face?

porkChop1997d ago

His eyes, right? They definitely look off.

Outsider-G1997d ago

Agreed, he looks cross-eyed lol

Thatguy-3101997d ago

Would have gone for this edition if they would have offered a figure of Joe and Ellie against a foe or an infected. The survival edition would do it for me.

Savader1997d ago

The Post-Pandemic Edition of The Last of Us is pretty much exactly the same as the Survival Edition, save for some DLC, and the biggest addition, which is the statuette that doesn't even appear to be in that great of quality...

Needless to say, I don't think it's worth the extra $80 for a useless (at least to me it is) little figurine and some average DLC -- especially since I already bought the Season Pass for the whole thing anyway. I'm good on DLC for this game, haha. So I yeah, I agree with you; the Survival Edition suits me just fine. I'm only interested in the art book and the soundtrack, really... Which is the only reason why I'm getting something other than the Standard Edition in the first place. The art book seems worth an extra $20, given its quality, so I'm sold :P

PixelRob1997d ago

Check out that L.A. Noire style flashlight!

Kyanu1997d ago

Did I get it right that the soundtrack is just a download from the psn? Thought it would be a disc.

Outsider-G1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Yeah, you're right it's a digital download.

monkey6021997d ago

If this was releasing here I would have bought it