Justifying Tales of Symphonia HD Remaster Collection

RPG Site: "If it's a game, why a remastered version of Tales of Symphonia HD? In addition, why would it include Dawn of the New World especially considering it's a Wii title? I've already stated that this year marks the 10th anniversary for Tales of Symphonia. It's the perfect time and way for Namco Bandai to celebrate one of its beloved titles in the franchise, for both the west and in Japan."

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sinncross1820d ago

If this HD collection does exist and is coming to the PS3 I feel like it should be given a PSV release too. This would obviously come to the West due to its popularity and translations being complete, so a PSV release could help the devs try and gauge PSV western interest in the IP.
Perhaps the other 2 PSV titles could be brought over if they think the interest is there.