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The Last Guardian may still be AWOL, but there's another game from Sony's Japan Studio that takes on Team Ico's spirit.

By Martin Robinson

Of all Sony's philanthropic ideals - the all-inclusive approach to indie developers, the generosity of PlayStation Plus and the free packet of French fancies that's likely to be bundled with every PS4 console - there's one that remains unsung. PlayStation C.A.M.P. - that's Creator Audition Mash-up Project, by the way - is a little department within Japan Studio that's responsible for some of Sony's oddest games.

The premise is simple, if a little hard to believe. PlayStation C.A.M.P. is an open-armed initiative that lets anyone with an idea pitch a game to Sony, and if they're successful, to see it through to completion with the assistance of established development talent. It has brought us Trash Panic (something of an unsung wonder itself), sparked off the project that became Echochrome, and recently had its highest profile hit with To...

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Arai1997d ago

Good preview, I especially like their write-up regarding C.A.M.P.
Didn't even know those guys were responsible for such great hits.

Aceman181997d ago

This is a definite buy in my book. Both this and puppeteer I couldn't ask for anything more.

People need to support both these super creative games.

DOMination-1997d ago

When they first showed this at Gamescon last year, I was instantly in love. This for me is the game I'm most looking forward to, current gen anyway.

Still looks like a special little title and I'm genuinely excited for release. Also, great to see Japan coming to the forefront again with immersion AND fun. Hopefully now moving forward we can see some more magic from devs all around the far east because when they are in form, they are incredible.

GamersRulz1997d ago

Sony is where you get such exceptional experiences.

Proud to be PS gamer for 18 years.

Skips1997d ago

Next Journey incoming!

Sigh1997d ago

Loved it the moment Sony Japan first showed this and Puppeteer awhile back. Will heavily support both.