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Hardcore Droid:
"There's a strong undercurrent of nostalgia in the gaming industry these days, and Android is no exception to the rule. Throw a rock into the Play store and you’re bound to hit at least one game with 8-bit graphics or some sort of throwback gameplay. While Tales of Illyria chooses the latter paradigm, it isn't exactly typical for it. The self-described “Oregon Trail meets pen and paper” gameplay is certainly indebted to its forebearers, but while other games merely rehash older games as the path of least resistance, Tales of Illyria uses the old mechanics to propel a thoroughly ambitious project: a vast and open world, full of choices, where no two playthroughs is alike. It succeeds on paper but whether the game is really worth the investment depends on who is playing. A diehard RPG fanatic raised on 12-hour marathon sessions of D&D will definitely get more out of this title than a casual gamer."

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