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Are people reacting too negatively too quickly over Xbox One

Since the Xbox conference, people have responded with many harsh comments and quick judgments. Perhaps they are true, we can all agree there were much better strategies for a reveal than what Microsoft presented. People as a society tend to hate change, and we get that. Most of the time when the gaming world "changes" it’s a terrible innovation that never holds the attention of gamers for more than 1 month. People in my opinion tend to accept change when they discover something they didn't know they wanted. (Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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NukaCola  +   722d ago | Well said
I think MS deserves this even if it gets harsh. If we just let it slide, it could turn into MS doing whatever they want(I mean they seem to be doing whatever they want anyway...but) as Adam Sessler said recently, it's not us being negative to be negative, it's us being critical because we care so much and have passion for gaming. We are fighting back because we want the best for the gaming world. This is why the campaign against DRM for PS4 is happening. People are standing up for what they love and MS will either listen to the gamers, or they can collapse for all we care.
rela82me  +   721d ago
I think that Microsoft is just taking a leap towards were Pc gaming already is. Software can never be "used" but I also think if you buy a disc that has been out of package you should pay less. I agree though that it should never be charged for you to buy a used game. I can understand trying to make it harder to pirate games, I'm all for it. Just don't monetize it and I will be okay. If you have to pay 1.50 or some insanely low price to repurchase rights and transfer titles to the software and perhaps redownload the game it would be a major injustice.
crxss  +   721d ago
Yes, but that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it.
Blackdeath_663  +   721d ago
"I think that Microsoft is just taking a leap towards were Pc gaming already is." i think you mean "...towards where Pc gaming already WAS". to be honest at this point i don't have a clue what microsoft is doing surely if they are trying to leap closer to pc this TV nonsense shouldn't be there, right? also if you make it so similar to a pc wouldn't that make the xbox one irrelevant because you could already do that on..a PC?
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hiphopisdead  +   721d ago
for sony's game console reveal, they spoke for 2 hours about games. Sure they'll talk about entertainment features and all later, but for their game console reveal, it was about games.

for microsoft's game console reveal, they spoke for 1 hour, about 15 minutes of it was about games. It was a waist of a reveal and that's why people are rightfully bashing them for losing focus. They should have instead planned a post-e3 presentation to demo non-gaming/entertainment features. but for a new game console reveal... they should have talked more than 15 minutes about games.
hiphopisdead  +   721d ago
people comment that there are sony fanboys on n4g... but sometimes it looks so clear that there are xbox fanboys.

1. on Feb, sony spoke 2 hours about their next gen games, game features, ideas, devs were involved to share in the reveal, etc.

2. 2 months later, microsoft spoke 15-20 minutes about their gaming plans.

how can a gamer say it's not normal to have enjoyed sony's reveal so much more?

If you're not an xbox fanboy, and just an xbox fan... you should be able to say something like: "it was nice to see the system... but i'm hoping they'll show the goods at e3!"

anything else positive about microsoft's reveal for a gamer is getting into xbox fanboy territory... lol
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JokesOnYou  +   721d ago
Xbox fans are not worried about what every little blog looking for hits say, regurgitating the same old news, nope true fans go to xbox forums and give legitimate feedback, suggestions, complaints. Remember all these same scare tactics were used for the original kinect....ultimately the fanboys that complain about EVERYTHING, "its too big, its ugly, why cant I turn kinect off, [you can] oops, well I dont want kinect, I dont like the name, it looks like a VCR, no games [E3 will be for games] well its too late, I dont like the green box art, blah, blah, blah"= their constant trolling will be irrevelant come launch and beyond when millions are enjoying games on X1. Yep, with just a few corrections at E3 and better articulation of what their plans are, show us 5 or 6 awesome games and X1 is going to be a huge success this fall.
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Boody-Bandit  +   721d ago
I have to say in all honesty, per my name sake, that the majority of N4G users (regardless if they are gamers of all consoles or swing from one side of the fence or another) have rightly so been harsh on MS and it's WELL DESERVED. Only a small minority are defending the direction MS is headed with the X1.

MS, regardless of their PR spinning we will get into the games at E3, reveal May 21st was extremely boring and turned off most gamers. It was more of a CES reveal than a gaming console preparing to be unleashed for E3 and beyond.

We want games from our gaming consoles first and foremost. These TV, sports, fantasy football, social apps, etc, don't do squat for gamers. Yes it's cool, I guess, to have that also included but that isn't what MS did. They made it the primary focus of the reveal and even in the way designed their hardware.

Now MS gamers have to look forward to a multimedia device instead of a rocking gaming console. A multimedia device that has restrictions and fees that most likely (yes Sony I'm looking at you) no other gaming console will have for their consumers.

Personally I don't care what they show at E3 as far as games and I don't want to hear spin or potential. I want facts and I want them to loosen some of these restrictions or do away with them altogether. If not I wont touch their next gen console if it was given to me and I have been an XBL member since day one and MS hardware has been my primary gaming console for the past decade plus.

So no, it's not only Sony fans that are complaining, it's any self respecting consumer that doesn't want to be raked over the coals and taken for every last cent possible while having to deal with unnecessary restrictions and fees.
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dcbronco  +   721d ago

You and other are acting as if Microsoft lied to you. They told you before hand what they were going to do. You wanted more games so you should have waited for E3 to watch. But since they did do exactly what they said they would on the reveal, maybe expect them to actually do games at E3.

I think most people just want to be with the crowd and complain. But there is nothing MS has done that Sony will not do or do similar. And there is nothing MS has bone that Sony isn't also going to do. MS is just as focused on gaming as Sony. And Sony is just as focused on media as MS. The PS3 is used more for media than the Xbox. All of the studies and surveys have shown that. People are just fooling themselves.

And Brutallyhonest why wouldn't MS push media when everything shows that it is a major use of consoles. The idea that it somehow hurts gaming is a joke. MS is putting over one billion into games for next generation they say. Since that is small change for them I believe they might. I will say I hope they aren't including advertising budgets, but I believe it will be for games. And I don't think Sony can compete with a budget like that.
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Boody-Bandit  +   721d ago

I don't care if MS put 100 billion dollars into games. They made hardware choices to make the XBOX ONE a more efficient multimedia device instead of given us gamers the best console they were capable of building.

All the rumors that people said, "wait until E3 or MS confirms or denies them" came true. Restrictions most gamers don't want and feel aren't needed. Not to mention the hoops they want us to jump through with used and rental games. I don't need to wait for E3 knowing that not only were the rumors true BUT MS actually built their architecture around multimedia.

I have been hearing wait on E3 for the past 3 years and MS focused primarily on their bread and butter 4 exclusives for their core audience (Halo, Gears, Forza & Fable), timed exclusive DLC for 3rd party games and Kinect over those past few years. I was okay with that because I mostly lived on Forza 4 since it was released. Now I wanted them to explode into this generation with cutting edge power and some killer new IP's. Instead they are focused as much, if not more, on it being a multimedia hub instead of gaming first and foremost.

I don't begrudge anyone that supports MS and their new device. Don't begrudge a diehard fan such as myself for not wanting these restrictions and fees. I will also add if Sony implements these types of restrictions or fees? I honestly don't know what I'm going to do. I might go as far to hang it up and move on to something else entirely and I've been gaming since it's inception.

The nickel and diming this generation has gone as far as I'm willing to take. I'm not digging even deeper in my wallet next gen and I don't have shallow pockets. It's just the principal of it.
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Sono421  +   721d ago
Everybody.. hear me out for a sec, let's just forget about this "war" because it's not even a competition anymore and it's honestly not worth it to argue with some of these people.

If they are defending the Xbox One they are one of the following:

1. They're uninformed they don't know the facts about the console so they still stand behind it.

2. They don't even want it for gaming, they're only interested in the TV aspects of it.

3. They were hardcore 360 fans and will get the next xbox regardless.

So it is pointless to argue with them because in the end they are going to be the ones on the bad end of it.. if their opinion on the Xbox1 can't be changed now it will be after they buy it. I mean if they enjoy getting nickled and dimed for everything let them. Everybody else will be enjoying their PS4 and Wii U. Microsoft you aren't even taken into consideration anymore to real gamers.
DOMination-  +   721d ago
MS do deserve the flak though for being so vague. Even if it's negative they should just come out and say what their policies are. Then people will be able to make a reasonable decision on if they will consider a purchase or not.

At the moment, I feel people are more frustrated than angry, because they just have no idea what the hell this thing does. There are mixed messages all over the place and it's confusing. Are people really that annoyed if it has to connect every now and again to the internet? I find that hard to believe, especially if they are, rather ironically, moaning about it on an internet forum.

More than likely, people just want to be told in black and white, clear and concise what it does. What are the policies. What data does Kinect use, etc. MS just need to do this and then it's up to the consumer as then they'll be in a position to decide properly. Transparency is key. But I expect MS will continue to spin their way around those issues.
NewZealander  +   721d ago
i have a huge passion for gaming also, i have for over twenty years, i also love new tech, and innovative ideas, and the idea of bringing all the things i love together in one box excites me...so yes i think far too many are being negative, and totally jumping the gun before we know the facts.

everybody is so wrapped up in rumors and half truths that they discount what could possibly be something great, the kinect always on thing has been cleared up so we can move on from that, as for the DRM i dont agree with it but ill wait till i have the facts, and lets face it if the publishers are tightening the screws then it going to be something all gamers have to get used to, not just xbox owners.

i think its important to stand up and share your opinion, if the people who are buying the console are not happy then the companies should be listening, but the fanboys who sit on this site and trash every story just because they want it to fail are pathetic.

im sure MS are deep in damage control, even though we still dont know the facts, if they want to do well next generation then they will have to be more accommodating to the consumers.

i love tech, i love games, im getting ONE.
titletownrelo  +   721d ago
Its necessary for loyal fans to voice their concern for the path Xbox One is taking. If we were to be quiet, then Sony would get the impression that we don't really care, and implement features like DRM. It's much more complicated than that, but its our job as consumers and GAMERS to provide feedback and explain why we are so pissed off with M$.
DaThreats  +   722d ago
knifefight  +   721d ago
^ This should have been the entire body of the article.
stage88  +   721d ago
Redempteur  +   721d ago

No need to wait when you need to send a clear message to prevent a tragedy.
rela82me  +   721d ago
Either way the crazy pandemonium that has hit the web recently has given Microsoft's new console plenty of eyes. No one really is concentrating on good or bad of the ps4 because Microsoft has everyone's ear. MS didn't satisfy me completely, but I also didn't see anything to be so terribly upset. There are reasons to be weary, but until their policies have been fully explained we have no need to castrate MS.
Count  +   722d ago
People are reacting too negatively too quickly over the Xbox One.

But the Sony fan boys of this website love that. They indulge in that. For them this is like pancake day every day.
Hicken  +   722d ago
How long should people have waited before reacting negatively? After the system is out and spying on you in your home?

It makes perfect sense for people to be up in arms at the first offense here. Though, actually, it's not the first offense. It's just the most egregious, to date, with some pretty serious and far-reaching ramifications.

The sooner Microsoft realizes they did something wrong, the more time they have to change it.

But Microsoft fanboys like you will defend the mistakes, try to gloss them over or flat out ignore them, giving the company the impression that everything's A-okay. Which makes it that much more important that people speak up early, often, and loudly.

Can't wait to see if you'll make another unfounded personal attack. I know you will. Wonder if you'll be marked for it...
marchinggamer  +   721d ago
They should have waited till e3 funny thing is the ps4 with either have DRM or be supported by no developers and have no games
edonus  +   721d ago
They should wait until we get some solid information.
Its OK to be antsy but the foolish rage about something we know little to nothing about makes the community look bad.

Not to mention it would be different if the complaints were about DRM and Used games but we more people complaining that it has the optional feature of controlling you TV programming and you know they always get nuts when kinect gets involved. The internet gaming world becomes extremely irrational and toxic.

A big part of console is vision and we have yet to see what their vision is. Their are still tons of possibilities that could unfold.

Understand these companies are out to make money, and there is an ecosystem to that. For instance requiring a internet connection could mean cheaper subscription costs or the opening and freeing of other services. They could start a PS+ model, make the games cheaper, make a system where you can reant game digitally like on PC.
DRM could make games cheaper, keep more studios open meaning more games. We dont know the extent of the cloud yet. When you subscribe to XBL you may get your own chunk of web cloud server that streams your data any where.

The thing is until we know what they are really doing "not speculation" we should just look at it and judge the parts we see.
Why o why  +   721d ago
I hear what you're saying edonus but I doubt the benefits will be like you say. They'll make more money, I doubt the savings you speak of will reach the end user...when does it ever? They all seem tailored to primarily suit them and not us.

Time will tell BUT if you use peoples over reaction to sony not showing the actual console at its reveal as a barometer; this reaction is pretty much justified.

Some people here, now screaming foul, were all up in those negative sonys 'non reveal' threads. Don't give it if you cant take it I say.
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maniacmayhem  +   721d ago
"How long should people have waited before reacting negatively? "

Hmmm, well according to you in the past Hicken you should wait about a year. Isn't that what you were screaming at everyone when the Vita was being painted in a negative light?

But it's all different when it's about MS or Nintendo now is it.

Unfortunately Sony fanboys like you will forget just how hypocritical you are or just plain ignorant tools like yourself will just go around calling anyone a troll or a fanboy only because they share a different opinion than yours.

Maybe the sooner YOU realize this the better time in life you can have.
Zichu  +   721d ago
Some people are acting irrationally, but then there are others that don't seem to see what is going on.

A video game console is for gaming. That's why it's called a video game console.

If a company that produces video game consoles and works so close to video games, is producing a device that restricts you on how and when you play your games, then they are completely out of touch with their consumers.

Before people jump the gun, I've been an Xbox fan for 5 years, I've been a Gold Member for 5 years and still am. I also own a PS3 and have been a PS+ member for almost a year now.

This thing just isn't right. The funny thing is, people will buy it regardless of how restricted they are. People want the latest devices as soon as possible. I'm not saying people who regularly post on forums who are aware of these restrictions are just going to go and buy one, they probably won't, they are smart for not doing so.

If I'm going to be restricted on something I have a passion for, I personally won't get it until it completely changes. I don't want it toned down a bit, I just want it removed.
rela82me  +   721d ago
I completely see what your saying, but it seems to me they didn't reveal a "gaming console" and that was their plan. People have been making game consoles for decades now. I think they are trying to do something different, so why not showcase why and how your product is different from what has been out for years. WE all know there will be games, and they could have blasted the conference with games. That would have satisfied slightly more of the community; but they want people to discuss how the new features affect them. I agree with the strategy they are going for, although now 100%, and I think they have a good running in the race.
MasterCornholio  +   721d ago
Well i just compare the PS4s unveiling to the XBOX1 unveiling and you can see why gamers were so angry at Microsofts event.

No one is overreacting its just the effects of a terrible unveiling coupled with the unveiling of anti consumerist policys.
CynicalKelly  +   721d ago
I still don't. Sony revealed a controller and played a few games on a PC..

Both unveils sucked but it's fun to see the fanboys sit and claim that the competitors sucked more or the brand they like didn't suck at all.
waltercross  +   721d ago
Sony was smart, they showed Games, new Controller and the PS4 Specs. The only thing Gamers really wanna see at a reveal. Believe it or not the Console itself is not what Gamers really have to see right away. The controller is important because we play with it and It's much different than the PS3 Controllers.

Also now Sony can show the Console at E3 Besides the games.
I See nothing wrong with their Strategy thus far. MS Already showed their entire hand.
I'm sure MS will show games at E3 too just like they said but we know where their Focus is at now.
aiBreeze  +   721d ago
You do realize half the negative people towards the console are actually 360 owners right? You can tell who the "sony fanboys" are with their troll replies and stuff but there are many gamers here putting out well thought out and completely valid criticisms towards the Xbox One.
Baka-akaB  +   721d ago
Why do you care about the opinions of sony fanboys to begins with ? Why not care instead about your own true feelings and those of fellow xbox fans (or even fanboys) ?

Instead of discussing real issues , and acknowledging that even fans from the same "side" are having mixed if not negative feelings , guys like you would rather waste time on bickering about wich console got the worst fans . or keep pretending it's only an hot matter on N4G

Anyway there is nothing as too quickly here , people want real answers and not to be toyed coyly with , over what they perceive could decide their next purchases .

MS could have just remained vague , until some given e3 date , wich would be fine . But instead they confidently tested the water , then keeps contradicting everything their own staff says
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DARK WITNESS  +   721d ago
Too negative, too quickly...

Here is the thing.

This crap has been building up over the last few months as far as DRM, always online and all of this crap.

As for the lack of games shown, that has been building up for the last few years. Every year we tell ourselves wait for E3 and every year MS shows the same forza, halo, gears, fable and kinect kinect kinect.. They are a long way off from how they started out when they launched the 360.

This xboxone reveal was the final straw so to speak.
There are blind fanboys on both sides, but it's crazy the way people are defending them over this.

This is not about sony fanboys or xbox fanboys though, this is about what blue collar men are doing to our beloved industry.

I have been on xbox live for 8 years. I have owned at least 4 or 5 360's and 2 of the old xbox. i am or was a fan of the xbox but I am not a blind fan.

If sony did the same, I am sure the backlash would be just as bad for them.
jutt  +   721d ago
Coming from xbox fan, the one...blows

-Oya maula nou maula na maray toh maula nehin marda ma-
titletownrelo  +   721d ago
I remember during this generation of consoles, 360 users would bash and hate on PS3 users, while at the same time claiming their "superiority". Now the tables have turned as PS4's future looks immensely brighter than the Xbox One's, and now Xbox fanboys say, "Why you guys hating."
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DARK WITNESS  +   721d ago
When this gen started there was lots of bashing on both sides.

Sony fans trashed the 360 right off the bat. Sony said a lot of arrogant things leading up to the 360's launch. 360 fans had lots of reasons to trash talk the ps3. sony made loads of mistakes starting off but you know what, they got the message and they made the effort to bring themselves back to what they stood for with the ps2.

MS have more or less made the same mistake, but much much worse in my opinion. As someone who was an xbox i keep asking myself what could ms do redeem themselves to that the point that i would consider buying the xbone and in all honesty I can't think of anything.

Even though I was an xbox fan i still bought a ps3 fat and I only sold it in dec when I knew this year the new gen would start.

MS need a miracle this e3. it's not just about showing me games. they need to change the whole image I now have of them.
cyguration  +   721d ago
As opposed to waiting until DRM hits consoles like a ton of bricks and then nothing can be done about it?


Microsoft is actually getting it pretty easy and hopefully gamers keep the pressure on up to and past E3 to ensure that these draconian measures aren't put into place.

There is nothing of benefit for the consumer having Kinect always on; there's nothing benefiting consumers with mandatory 24 hour check-ins or not being able to borrow or lend out games.

Just please, people, WAKE THE FREAKING HECK UP!

You're giving up your rights to use a box so you can watch TV on your gosh darn freaking TV. Seriously?!

15 exclusive games don't mean jack squat if 10 years from now you won't be able to play them if MS decides to shut the servers down like they did with the Xbox 1.

I just wish gaming media had the balls to do the research and stand up for gamers for once. Is it too much to ask for? Is it really?!
Animal Mutha 76  +   721d ago
N4G_IS_SONYS_WHORE   721d ago | Spam
PigPen  +   721d ago
No absolutely not, Microsoft needs to here this.
MRMagoo123  +   721d ago
I dont think ppl are reacting badly enough, and i cant wait till e3 when the die hard xbox fans see it is even worse than they wanted to believe.
Alos88  +   721d ago
What really bothers me is that Microsoft keep struggling to get their facts straight. I'd honestly prefer whatever bad news they have to this "Yes. No. Maybe?" BS they keep getting into.
Foxhound922  +   721d ago
NOT really. When gamers, developers, and investors are all mad, there's definitely a problem.
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NateCole  +   721d ago
The negativity is good. It is feeback that they will know that gamers are not happy. If MS and Sony do follow through then gamers are fucked.
Blackdeath_663  +   721d ago
agreed it would be so much worse if everyone embraced the xbox one and it became successful then we would have to put up with DRM,internet connection every 24hrs, mandatory kinect,having to pay a subscription just to play online etc... i said before when rumours about this stuff were circulating that it is much better the rumours get out of hand and people make a fuss so MS doesn't put always on and block used games rather than everyone stays silent and makes a fuss after it already happens then nothing can be done about it. ultimately people made a fuss and microsoft STILL went ahead and did it which i can't explain in any way other than arrogance. MS needs to be put on a diet of humble pie because if they don't learn from this then its a long spiral downwards for the xbox
MikeyDucati1  +   721d ago
The kinect is mandatory with the system

MANDATORY. Yea, I'm skipping to the lou for a PlayStation 2 plus 2
marchinggamer  +   721d ago
At this point Microsoft and Sony can either keep happy gamers or developers and investors a gamers are a shrinking demographic and more and more people move to PC every day
Skeith   721d ago | Trolling | show
jcnba28  +   721d ago
People are definitely reacting negatively towards Xbox One way too soon.
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CynicalKelly  +   721d ago
Debatable, If all this noise was made against the DRM and used game policy then yes, it's justified and good that people are complaining this much. Microsoft need to hear this so they know when they are crossing the line and it seems Sony have reconsidered their own policy because of this backlash.

But when you have numbskulls complain about the good parts of the console simply because they are spiteful or fanboys of another brand then it becomes a problem.

They need to know what they are doing right and wrong. Make this much noise about how the console does more than just games and they won't take us seriously because they think we are just hating on them.
Animal Mutha 76  +   721d ago
Based on how little we ACTUALLY know about the system, it's policies and infrastructure I don't know how anyone can argue that there isn't an over reaction at this early stage. Granted both MS and Sony could be a little more open about dispelling any nasty rumours in a clear and concise manner when asked directly, but people are getting all worked up over conjecture, rumour and hyperbole.

When things get cleared up officially from the horses mouth then is the time to scream and shout if things are not what you want and don't part with your cash if necessary.

I'm primarily and Xbox gamer this gen but If MS don't provide a product that meets my satisfaction then don't doubt that I will let them know what I think and go elsewhere. I am loyal only to my own requirements.

How MS and Sony then react to genuine criticism of FACTS will determine where gamers will go for their next gen fix. Competition is good and one companies bad decision is anothers opportunity.

Don't you see that most of the negative press including this article is actually mostly constructed and geared towards creating a reaction from the irrational and under informed common gamer purely for hits.

Negative 'news' nearly always gets more heat. That's fine when we are dealing with facts but that's not the case here yet, not even close.
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waltercross  +   721d ago
Some things are already cleared up though, 24h check ins(in some cases needing to always be online for the cloud), Used game Fees, Kinect required. Why couldn't MS Just make Kinect optional?, Take away that cloud shit since You'll need to be online for that(not Everyone has Internet all the time and some peoples Internet is bad), Allow Used games without any fees or registrations, Do not allow Full game Installs instead partial Installs or none.

Invest more into Internal parts like what Sony did, Compete with Sony don't shy away. Competition is good for Gaming, Look what happened with Wii. Sure it sold well but nobody even considers it in the Comparisons. It's always PS and XBOX.

So now It's like this

Sony = Hardcore gaming
Nintendo = Affordable Gaming
MS = TV/Cable/Game Hybrid.
Ticklez  +   721d ago
I am a fan of games... I react quickly to who shows me games.
GreenRanger  +   721d ago
Mandatory always-watching, always-listening Kinect, 24 hour check-ins and stupid DRM.
I really don't see how or why people defend Microsoft and then come in here with their "Those Sony fanboys...." comments.
They seem to think that all this negativity around MS is just people trolling, when in reality it's the entire game industry who is outraged.
Certain people-the ones who still blindly follow MS- need to just step back and take a good look at what's going on, and instead of branding anyone who criticises MS as fanboys and haters, should listen to what the entire industry-not just a select group-are saying.
Personally, MS can't redeem themselves.
Always on Kinect was an instant deal breaker for me at the Xbox One reveal, and the show only got worse and worse.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   721d ago
Microsoft has basically slid down a razor blade and landed in a pool of alcohol!
batbatz  +   721d ago
warewolfSS   721d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
RandomDude655  +   721d ago

Worst console reveal in history.

Sony got way more flack in 2006, and this was much much worse
AllroundGamer  +   721d ago
People who are reacting negatively are mostly the people with some brains, the others well... Murica...
ghostgaming  +   721d ago
While some of the comments are harsh and are just fanboys dumping on - the general critics are correct in questioning the system

MS could still have the exact same system and functions but could calm the people if they did the following

1 - Instead of a 24HR internet check in - make it weekly, where the user can set up a specific day and time of the week and the system can automatically power on, do the check in, and power off

2 - Kinect is required and I understand why, but MS says you can shut off the camera, but it will still be listening - Ok, then provide some type of clip on accessory to clip over the camera and block it off - that way the user knows Kinect is not recording them even when the shut it off and the user does not always have to shut down the camera

3 - Used gaming should have remained the same, not sure where their final position is on this as they contradict one another at MS, but they should not have any used gaming restrictions, instead, kept it the way it was with online passes and things of that nature - that way MS, you are not the bad guy, companies like EA are.

4 - Should have 12gb of ram - here is why, the OS needs 3 - taking the 3 from the 8 leaves only 5. While that is a good number, Sony will have 7 with the OS taken into consideration. Some may say well it is only 2gb, Wii U I believe only has 2 total - so it is a good amount. Unlike last gen, both systems are similar in terms of making games for each (unlike the PS3 and the Cell), so those 2gb may be important

I am leaning to the PS4, but if MS comes with the games and maybe modifies the check in policy and allow the user to block out the camera on Kinect, I may pick one up.
Themisterphenix  +   721d ago
I believe people are having a knee jerk reaction!I also believe some people are mad for the right reasons!I am going to lay out my thoughts here for you debate over!

I don't believe the used game fee will impact customers!Here is my reasons!
1) Microsoft and Sony are trying push GameStop and other major video game resellers to give them a percentage of the resale for the publishers!The publishers are pushing to get a piece of the used game market because it under cuts the software makers price of new!So the developers are making less money,while GameStop makes a billion dollars a year of screwing the publishers and developers!So the publishers and developers understand that the use game market is valuable to the public so they are asking GameStop for 10% of the resell.Which in all honesty is fair in my opinion!I believe transferring of licenses will be easy and can be down from the dashboard!I believe if you go to GameStop they will have a system u sign in and trade the licenses to GameStop!

I believe there will be DRM,but not the way you think!
2)I believe both Microsoft and Sony will have DRM and security verification built into there games!
It will not be to charge use games fees to customers.but to fight piracy!I believe you will be able to lone game to friends,but might be an extra step to verify its a legit game!Remember piracy hit all 3 consoles last gen!

The Kinect will not always be on and watching!
3)Microsoft has said many times over you can cut the Kinect off mic and camera!Why it is always plugged up for is a good?!So here is some speculation for that!I believe you will be able to verify you have bought a legit couple of a game with it!I believe you can scan it into it,maybe UPC or a QR code!We will see!

I love the redesigned Xbox controller!
4)A company doesn't spend Millions of dollars redesigning and add new features to a controller for not to be for gaming!So I look to be blown away by the 15 first party exclusive at E3!

The Negative!
I for one don't have a problem with an always online connected console!I have very good Internet and have 3 computers,iPhone,iPad,ps3,ps vita,Nintendo 3ds and Xbox 360 online!I understand that
they are a lot of people out there who can't get high speed Internet for multi purposes..I apologize for Microsoft!I hope they change it before launch,but if not I understand why PS4 is for you!

The design of the Xbox One was hit and miss!Some aspects I like of it,but some of it is wtf was they thinking!When you spend $300. U.S. dollars on something and have to look at it for the next 5 to 7 years you want it to be sexy!

The unveiling was all over the place with entertainment,fantasy sports,Kinect voice control,and all the tv announcements!I'm fine with you announcing all these things,but the last 5 minutes should of been a video with mixed and match scenes with your 15 games mixed in!I'm not saying give all the goods away,but a 5sec clip of every game all mixed together would have did wonders!that would have been about a minute and a half video,but throw some filler in it and exit video with another 3 second clip of every game would have had every one talking!
#23 (Edited 721d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
wolfeman  +   721d ago
Yes, Yes they are.
plaZeHD  +   721d ago
Yes they are. We don't know much, but they quickly rush to judge MicroSoft's new gaming console. They get overly emotional and they defend a company that they will buy their next generation from, and the company that doesn't even pay them. I said it before and I will say it again, WAIT FOR E3, it is that simple. But no, you people are too obsessed to prove your preferable next generation console is more powerful than the other. I would say this is part gaming medias fault. There has been good news floating around in the air lately, but they don't take a good care of them, they just focus on the bad things that hasn't even been confirmed yet, and they twist what the company had to say about things, but something tells me they do this to get more attention, which is hurting the industry.
And gamers seem to forget gaming is a part of entertainment media as well. By the looks of it Kinect 2.0 seems an amazing device, a step forward to technology, the next big thing. But gamers doesn't care about all this, like I said before they are too obsessed to prove their preferable next generation console is more powerful, or can out put better graphics than the other.
And go ahead dislike my comment, bubble down with out even countering my view on this topic.
#25 (Edited 721d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
leogets  +   721d ago
Microsoft used gamers for the last 10 years to get the cash together to make a half arsed TV entertainment box.. hahaha how u like them apples Xbox heads
#26 (Edited 721d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ThatsGaming  +   721d ago
I have both PS3 and 360.

I have been completely satisfied with the games content that MS and Sony provided me this generation...

MS started the gen a year earlier and the 360 architecture held up for the gen pretty solidly. For the first three years MS had the superior content.

Sony game along a year later and its architecture was difficult to work with but I have to credit them with making it work and hold up solidly. Sony has won the past three years of the gen, but it is not a rout like most people believe.

The years in between were a draw...

As for next gen... We have E3 to make a decision on most desirable games for 2013!
Belking  +   721d ago
Typical N4G response right there...lol
MRMagoo123  +   721d ago
typical belking having nothing to add to anything what so ever but to try badly trolling ppl.

OT MS get all the negativity there reveal deserved if not enough, they are releasing a tv box with gaming added on.
Belking  +   721d ago
"typical belking having nothing to add to anything what so ever but to try badly trolling ppl."

Look who's talking...lol N4G is a troll producing factory...lol All you have have to do is find a positive article about xbox and the trolls will come just like clockwork. Xbox brand is here to stay. Get over it.
#26.2.2 (Edited 721d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
Wizziokid  +   721d ago
The reaction was expected from a community of gamers who watched that reveal so No.

What did they really expect core gamers to do? sure they have the chance to pull it back at E3 but for most people, like myself, the damage is done
MultiConsoleGamer  +   721d ago
The concerns about privacy and used games are very legitimate.

However, much of the complaints you hear online are coming from two sources. Agenda driven, hateful fanboys and marketing goons on various websites and certain message boards. The latter group is largely responsible for much of the disinformation concerning the Xbox One. This is the kind of stuff you find on suspicious little websites that always seem to make their way to the front page of N4G.
Theyellowflash30  +   721d ago
NO, MS deserves all the hate they are getting.

used game fees, forced kinect, DRM every 24 hours,

MS brought this on themselves.
metalgod88  +   721d ago
I think Microsoft deserves the criticism, but to choose one console over the other at this point is kind of dumb. We don't really know everything about the PS4 or the Xbox One just yet and won't know fully until E3 in a few weeks. I think Microsoft deserves every bit of hate they're receiving.

I know they wanted to show off what the new Xbox can do, but they really needed to show the games that are going to sell the console, not some games that are cross platform like COD or EA titles. We already knew those were coming. I don't know about you guys, but I really wanted to see something fresh, new and exciting and was really let down.
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