What Happens if We Allow Used Games to be Blocked? writes: "What happens if big companies get what they want? What happens if we allow used games to be blocked in the industry? Do we block used DVD’s or used CD’s… well maybe not the latter. Let’s discuss this topic and look at it in a little more detail."

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jc485731726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

bad and I don't think it will happen. You have to think about the millions of money and plastic used to produce the discs, so you are looking at billions of discs to be disposed off every year. Imagine how that would be bad for the environment, so "blocking" is out of the question. "Unlocking" is something publishers want because they see the money making business opportunity.

NukaCola1726d ago

Gamestop will take a huge hit. Gamefly, Redbox and other rental servies are gone. This on the disc code could start infecting into other forms of media. What is DVDs, Blurays, and CDs(lol as if they still exist) become locked to the devices we use them on? What if MS puts a code on this Halo TV show bluray set when it comes out that bars it from playing on any device other than an X1? Things could easily get out of hand if they push this, and it looks like they are pushing it hard.

TruthbeTold1726d ago

GameStop won't take a full hit if they've worked out a deal to get their cut, which it sounds like.

zeal0us1726d ago

Amazon and Steam will become my place to purchase my games from because I'm not about to pay $60 for every game I want. Green Man Games also tend to have some deals as well. Either those three, ebay or I will be waiting a year or two for the games to get heavily discounted.
While Gamestop wouldn't take a full hit but their main source of profit will be gone. No more buying games from customers for $20 or less then selling them for $40 or more. While MS said they would support the 360 for longer I doubt AAA titles will be hitting the 360 after a year or more(unless its cod).

1OddWorld1726d ago

Wow, way to go with the fear mongering. You are all forgetting that we are at the beginning of the digital download age of gaming, and at some point physical media will be a way of the past. All games will be purchased to an account and that account will be able to access its games, movies and music. You will be able to try a demo of every game in the future through PlayStation Network, Nintendo and Xbox Live. Giving you a chance to try it before you buy it. Games will also not increase in price as some would lead you to believe. Gaming pricing models have been in the same pricing pattern for 20+ years. Contra cost me $60 when it was newly released and GTA4 cost me $60. I think we can all agree contra was the better game.

O-well continue to stir the stupid-pot until it boils over and infects us all.

NameRemoved00171726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Digital Gamings been on PC for years already where have you guys been? Every new PC game thats came out for a while now is downloadable.

Companies like gamestop already have PC digital stores. They can't do that on the xbox since Microsoft has to make all the $$$$$$$$$.

nix1726d ago

i've been thinking a lot about second hand games. i understand that lots of games are shared or bought second hand because of which the devs don't get the money they could have been got.

as much as i care for the devs, last time i checked, if i buy a second hand car, the car manufacturer never gets the money. same goes with the toothpaste that's shared. or the newspaper. i mean the manufacturers of every single thing that can be shared never gets the money from the second consumer so why are we treating the games differently?

it's just the thought though.

lord zaid1726d ago

Forget gamestop for a minute. i have friend that owns his own little game shop. he can kiss his business goodbye. And if would be a sad day, because his shop has become more than just a place to trade games, its a regular hangout for gamers in the area, just to BS about whatever games we're playing.

forcefullpower1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )


If you mate that owns the shop can't sell second hand games what reason would there be for him to even bother selling the console either. Are we going to end up with only main stream shops selling the X1 and all the small shops selling only the PS because they can sell the used games for it?

That is under the assumption that PS will allow used games. A very curious question.

theaceh1726d ago

People will get so pissed that they would start to consider other long forgetten forms of entertainment. Like playing catch outside.

kirbyu1726d ago

Redbox wouldn't go out of buisness if this happened. They would still have DVDs.

Sono4211726d ago

@lord zaid

Same here, we have a shop called gaming generations and they aren't big but they're getting there, they have 2 stores now... but now with all this.. so much for expanding.. now they'd be lucky to even have a 3rd store. Little stores like that thrive off of buying and selling used games/consoles... but now they can't sell used games.. and they've always been hard 360 supporters, I wonder how they're going to accept the change of ONLY being able to sell/make a profit PS4 used games. I mean sure they still have games from older generations to sell, but lets be honest most revenue comes from the most current consoles. M$ is fucking so many people over with this.. and now i hear that M$ get's all the money from this instead of the developers? bs.. you don't deserve it M$

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showtimefolks1726d ago

if both ms and sony charge game used fee(lets see after e3)than its time to buy wiiu

its such a dumb decision by any console maker, the day this industry goes all digital, i am done with console gaming. Unless valve will be running the digital market because all the other publishers and console makers will have the gamestop thinking and that's let's give $5 off and call it a deal of the day

MS you better not screw with people who made you successful otherwise we as gamers have options to go with other consoles makers

Psn8001726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

I won't play anymore simply as !

Godmars2901726d ago

What happens is that the market quietly shrinks. The "missed sales" which some devs have constantly complained about, like David Cage with Heavy Rain, never become real numbers. Or those people wait for prices of new games to drop if they ever do. Also the rental market goes away.

At some point big companies will have to lower or raise prices overall on AAA titles or stop making AAA titles altogether since fewer and fewer people will pay for $100 for a game no matter what bells and/or whistles it has.

NameRemoved00171726d ago

Honestly this just encourages more piracy.

e-p-ayeaH1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

unless price drops happen faster in every retail store which is a possibility.

iceman061726d ago

This is my fear as well. More people will be less likely to take a chance on titles. There will be no room for "risky" titles like those from David Cage, or a Journey, etc. The market will retract (as we have seen some signs of this already this gen). Most of the games will be sequels to the AAA blockbusters that have proven to sell like CoD, Uncharted, Halo, etc. Creativity will be all but dead and the industry of gaming will suffer.

ginsunuva1726d ago

Yes, but if this used block does happen, I want games to be $45 each instead of $60.

ltachiUchiha1726d ago

If it happens expect lesser sales in games & look for game prices to start going up because lack of game sales. Just my opinion.

Count1726d ago

They'd raise game prices because games don't sell? That doesn't seem like a counterintuitive method at all.

iceman061726d ago

Lack of competition means that you can charge what you want as a company. The retraction of the games industry (shrinking of the amount of competition in games) could lead to and increase in the price of games. Right now there is competition, which is why we see the price of games going down almost the day they are released. Without the used games, the ability to take risks as a consumer, less games will sell. Eventually leading to less companies willing to take risk on new IP's. Meaning that sequel-itis will take hold (as we can already see now). If, by chance, it goes the other way. Then, publishers don't recoup their money and are eventually closed or bought out by bigger publishers...which leads to retraction of the industry...leading see where I am going.

waltercross1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Game prices are high if the game sells well, Low if it doesn't sell.

Guild Wars expansions were all around $20 to $30 for years all the way up until GW2 was released, because it Sold well. Same goes for The Sims.

Rift is going Free to play now because Nobody wants to pay to play it, Lots of Competition.

Majin-vegeta1726d ago

Both sides loose. Gamer's can't borrow or lend games to each other.And many studios would close down cuz people won't take the risk of buying any unknown games and would just stick to franchises we know.

waltercross1726d ago

Actually, on the PS4 you can try before you buy, Not sure if XBO has that feature or not.

waltercross1726d ago

I'm not touching the XBO even if MS paid me.

Theangrybogan1726d ago

I agree I wouldn't even take an Xbox one if it was free

GameReviewGuy1726d ago

I hope it won't happen. I'm guessing it won't for a long time if at all cause look at music CDs which are still being made and sold as pre owned.