PS4: Sony Is 'More Open', Looking For 'New Game Concepts'

War Thunder - the free-to-play action MMO about World War II aerial combat - was announced to be coming to the PS4 recently. Interestingly it's also one of the few third-party console exclusives, and won't be coming to Xbox One.

Gaijin Entertainment, the developer of War Thunder, has now praised Sony for its attitude towards game developers and in looking for new games and concepts for the PS4.

"Microsoft is a good partner of ours for a long time," started Gaijin's CEO Anton Yudintsev in an interview with PSLS, but added that "Sony is more open and more actively looking for new game concepts, new business models and new titles than Microsoft."

Yudintsev claimed that Sony was a better choice for War Thunder since the "PS4 is the most open platform, open to allow us to find a way that War Thunder players can get their game on cross-platform which is really cool and something the industry has lacked for years.

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Majin-vegeta2025d ago

I'm hoping SOny can also work on getting this to the PS4.

thechosenone2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Oh good god a WW2 game on the PS4 would be unreal. That's what Danger Close should have been working on instead of MoH.

my fav parts of the interview

Interestingly it's also one of the few third-party console exclusives, and won't be coming to Xbox One.

Interestingly Yudintsev also discussed how powerful the console is, even more so than current PCs, he claimed.(oh snap!)

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

I wonder what other Free To Play games would come to the ps4. Awhile back Perfect world Entertainment said they would be bringing the First person Shooter Blacklight Retribution to the ps4. This would be very interesting indeed.

Bring me the variety of games! Excited!

MYSTERIO3602025d ago

Hope Hawken comes to the PS4 also

stuntman_mike2025d ago


I'm hoping the same that game looks awesome.

Godmars2902025d ago

And I'm hoping they make actual GOOD games...

MassOnesumis2025d ago

I've been playing the beta alot, its very good. I would be impress if Sony announced this and several other indies titles at E3 like Chivalry or Natural Selection 2 as part of a new initiative.

brave27heart2025d ago

A lot of free to play games feel like they have too much forced grinding to achieve anything. How does War Thunder compare? I like the look of it but if Im honest I have very little exposure to free to play. Whats it play like?

CrimsonFox132025d ago

There's a lot of grinding in War Thunder as well. You pay with your time instead of money in free-to-play games.

That said, it's still fun. Start learning real-life tactics and the strengths and weaknesses of certain planes, because it really will help, especially in historical battle mode.

millgate12024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Be wary brave27heart, quite a lot of free-to-play games make you 'pay to win'. Not all, but a good few. War Thunder isn't one though. You can pay to get more XP and in-game money or to buy planes, but there are no over powered planes. So basically, the only reason you should be paying money is if you are impatient.

GamersRulz2025d ago

Interestingly Yudintsev also discussed how powerful the console is, even more so than current PCs, he claimed.

From the mouth of the developer.

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DaThreats2025d ago

That's what I like to hear

ltachiUchiha2025d ago

That would be sweet. We need more cross platform games. Would not mind at all playing with pc gamers. Smack them up a lil bit lol. Im kidding, id prolly get owned lol. This would be cool though.

DivineAssault 2025d ago

PS4 is gonna run circles around the competition.. Not because of graphics but because of its support & features

Dunpeal2025d ago

I hope you're right as it will certainly make for a good story line

Outside_ofthe_Box2025d ago

***"Interestingly Yudintsev also discussed how powerful the console is, even more so than current PCs, he claimed.

Greater visuals will be the key improvement for the PS4, and according to Yudintsev this will be the case for some time. "I don’t think that average PC will be as powerful in the near future," he said.

Meanwhile, "head tracking, native social features (like streaming) and some other fancy stuff mark the difference between the PS4 and PC versions."

It sounds like the PS4 version of War Thunder could be the one to go for, then."***

Yet we still have PC elitists thinking it's mid-range...

CrimsonFox132025d ago

It is mid-range, you'd have to be delusional or misinformed to really believe that. It's just that your average PC is less than mid-range.

sigfredod2025d ago

Yes its good to hear how powerfull is the PS4 from the mouth of a PC developer, now we also have in consideration that this is a free to play MMO, so they aim to be playable to the most wide audience possible, so they now that most of the PC´s in our homes are mid specs, for that reason the PS4 being a dedicated hardware with good specs, can pump better visuals than most of the mid range PC´s, but there is also a portion of gamers that have high end and monsters PC´s that the PS4 can´t overpass, but since the user base is lower the developers don´t make the games to work under those specs normally, so the few PC´s games will be the ones enjoying the best resolutions and frame rates, followed by the PS4 and then the mid range PC´s, for a while as the developer state

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