Nintendo enhancing Wii U GamePad life with new battery

The Wii U GamePad battery kind of stinks right now. To improve the situation, Nintendo intends to release an improved rechargeable battery in Japan.

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Agent_hitman1998d ago

"An enhanced battery pack will increase the GamePad’s life from 3-5 hours to 5-8 hours. It’s a 2550mAh battery as opposed to the current 1500mAh battery".

Great, more battery life. Ninty should put ARM processor inside this gamepad. It can be a standalone console imo.

jmc88881998d ago

Nyko has a 4000 mah battery.

DivineAssault 1998d ago

cool.. ill be importing one of these

DarkBlood1998d ago

i'll say thats true about the battery in 5 hours or little more after that i 'll need to recharge its a little longer if i let it sit there for a few days but i often wonder why its losing it charge if its not in use?

rodiabloalmeida1998d ago

This battery would be better if it did comes with the console since the very begining. I don't understand nintendo anymore. Seriously.

Neonridr1998d ago

so basically Nintendo should just stick with the battery that came with the gamepad and not try to offer better alternatives? What kind of backwards thinking is that?

sashimi1998d ago

Pretty sure hes just commenting on how cheap Nintendo was when they built their console. That they should've had this battery in from the start instead of putting the cheapest 1500mAh battery they could find.

Neonridr1998d ago

@sashimi - while I understand his thinking, you can't always have everything at the beginning. Consoles are improved upon constantly with things like improvements to the OS via firmware updates, game bugs are fixed via patches, and new accessories become available to enhance the console experience.

Tong1998d ago

So they can get some profit. Give weak battery, sell better battery for a price.

YoloSwag1997d ago

They'd make more money by forcing people to buy the battery off them.

Neonridr1998d ago

Nyko has a battery that is coming as well which should be available in NA in case this battery from Nintendo never makes it across the ocean.

Nyko claims theirs will triple the battery life, so maybe even better than this one. It's a 4000mAh battery so understandable that it would last longer.

V0LT1998d ago

I just received mine yesterday and works great. Its $24

rainslacker1997d ago

Is it easy to replace the battery in the controller?

V0LT1997d ago

Yes, it comes with a tiny screwdriver and takes about 30 seconds.

LOL_WUT1997d ago

There's also another one from Nyko I guess you mount it on the bottom of the gamepad. ;)

bigchad1998d ago

ive had one on preorder for $24 from amazon since february. still havent been released by them. hopefull soon. but i just looked on amazon and they have it listed from another retailer for $49.99. really "F" that.

bigchad1997d ago

update: i just recieved an email order-update from amazon. they gave me a delivery date with estimated arrival date of june 05, 2013. so it looks like they will start delivering them on monday. so anyone interested might want to start ordering them from amazon for $24 now.

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