Microsoft’s Xbox One controller will last longer than the console itself

The controller for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One console can be mashed and smashed by gamers for the next decade. Microsoft accessories and hardware manager Bob Brown revealed in an interview with Pocket-Lint that there have been numerous rigorous tests the company put the Xbox One’s controller through during its development. Microsoft tested 20 controllers over the past six months, pressing their buttons repeatedly between 4 to 5 times per second for a total of 2 million taps apiece. The thumbsticks are also worked over and over again to ensure reliability and the company even conducts a series of drop tests to ensure the controllers remain intact. The executive noted that controllers should last between seven and 10 years, or in some cases even longer. Given that Microsoft usually updates its console every five to eight years, the Xbox One’s controller should still be alive and well when the company’s next-generation system is released.

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elhebbo161996d ago

Cant wait to use it on my PC.

showtimefolks1996d ago

Yeh MS I don't trust you after the whole RROD and it took you a while to actually admit xbox360's had the issue

Once it's in our hand we will see how long it lasts.

Also controller leasing longer Than console itself don't mean much if console has a fault and it lasts for 1-2 years lol

I hope it does but I will hold my judgement till I along WTH my elbow gamers have our hands on the controller

UnHoly_One1996d ago

My god, could you guys possibly take this a little more literally and be a bit more negative, please?

Can't we all just get along and look for the best in everything instead of automatically assuming the worst?*

*unless its a Sony product of course, then it is automatically perfect.


Thirty3Three1996d ago

"Microsoft’s Xbox One controller will last longer than the console itself"


Well now then. Looks like that's bad news if you're looking for a console.

MYSTERIO3601996d ago

Will this mean the RROD will make a return on the Xbone?

humbleopinion1996d ago

I was just about to write that My 360 controller also lasted longer than my console...

Blackdeath_6631996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

same! i'm currently using the dualshock 3 with some software to play racing games on pc which is probably the only genre where a controller will always be better. i wonder what the battery life would be.

FamilyGuy1996d ago

When are they going to inform us about the rigorous testing they put the Xbox One through and how long we can expect that to last?

This article is a joke on to itself. We want the console to last more so than the accessories. It's good to know they made it durable but what about the most important piece of the hardware they're selling us?

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ltachiUchiha1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

The topic sounds kinda creepy lol. Kinda like its saying the console itself will not last that long like it will rrod. Its the 1st thing that popped in my mind when reading the topic. Anyways the controller look cool.

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sak5001996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

They better last since i lost 3 controllers over last 2 years alone playing fps'


Yeah, if you play lots of action games (not just FPS but anything that have you moving forward all the time) analog sticks wear down pretty quick.

Even more sad, everything else in the controller works perfectly, which also raises the question of what exactly they mean by "intact". My "broken" controllers all appear to be perfectly functional, but the damn left stick won't re-center correctly (by no more than some milimeters)... So annoying when your character starts moving alone.

And, apparently, this has happened in both 360 and PS3 (I myself had gone through 6 PS3 controllers since 2007 - even had 2 sixaxis - and my friends with Xbox 360 didn't had any better luck). Even a third party controller I have here had the same sour end. Seriously, manufacturers need to look at this again, put some stronger coils in there.

cooksauce1996d ago

wow... go outside once in a while

Bhuahahaha1996d ago

my 1st controller still alive and kicking sadly my 1st 360 only got a life span of 4months

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DivineAssault 1996d ago

It probably will last longer than the console itself since the exclusives wont require a controller.. The kinect will most likely be the method of control

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