Xbox One: three reasons why you shouldn’t care

"So Microsoft announced the successor to its extremely popular Xbox 360, the Xbox One. As with anything, it’s been met with a lot of mixed feelings. Some who are frustrated with the lack of exclusive titles and others that hate the Kinect 2.0′s always-on feature. There are a lot of things to like and dislike about the new Xbox One, but what’s really changed? Not a whole lot, actually. In fact, the Xbox One is probably something you just shouldn’t care about. Here’s three reasons why."

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FrigidDARKNESS1878d ago

The article is fanboyish only talks about thimgs of the past. Another troll thread.

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Morgue1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

@ Frigid

Can you at least copy and paste or type something different? It's the same all the time.

Moncole1877d ago

If you dont plan on buying than you shouldn't care because it wont effect you.

kneon1877d ago

If it's successful it will affect everyone. Why would everyone else not jump on the drm bandwagon if the xb1 shows people don't care.

Belking1877d ago

Typical N4g By the end of the day there will be one that says "PS4: three reasons why you shouldn't care"

lastofgen1877d ago

Well, my family enjoys kinect games and using kinect for navigation, so kinect 2 with an overhaul is a plus for me.

No BC? Well..I plan on keeping my xbox 360, so that really doesn't matter to me. Besides, after a few months of owning a ps3 and xbox 360, I don't think I've ever gone back to playing ps2 or xbox games. So, even if it had BC, I still wouldn't care much.

And the used games thing? I rarely buy used games. I purchase most new and even if I can't afford something straight away, I just wait a few weeks until a cheaper price comes along.

kneon1877d ago

It's not just the used games. You can't even bring a game over to a friends house without hassle, and don't even bother trying to lend them a game.

lastofgen1877d ago

Bringing a game over should be simple as I can just log into my account and play with him or her, but I hardly lent games to begin with anyways. As a college student, we lent games all the time between dorm rooms, but now I don't borrow or lend games anymore.

For me, it's a small issue, so that's not really anything I'm looking to complain over.

kneon1877d ago

It doesn't really affect me either, but that's not the point as there are plenty of people that will be negatively affected.

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