Xbox One and PS4 Box Art for Madden 25, FIFA 14 and NBA Live 14 Revealed

EA Sports is supporting the launch of Microsoft's Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year with a total of four games. At least three of those games are expected to be available at launch, and online retailer has just published Xbox One and PS4 box art for all three.

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Convas1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

I honestly didn't expect that Threats.


crxss1756d ago

Sony once again getting the smaller box artwork. not too big a deal though.

EeJLP-1756d ago

I really hope PS4 doesn't go the blue route.. greatest hits versions, ok, but I want Black Label versions. They're much more classy.

PS1 had Green greatest hits, PS2/3 had Red, so Blue for PS4 greatest hits, fine, but stick with Black for the original releases.

JokesOnYou1756d ago

lol, "my color is better than yours", I mean really whats there to like?

mikeslemonade1756d ago

Those EA moneyhats.. EA was good when they had Dead Space and then BattleField 3, but they're resorting back to their old ways. Let me get a good Madden and let there be a good NBA live so it can compete against 2ksports.

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GameCents1757d ago

It looks like a giant Vita box. I don't like it. I'm not much found of the X1 box either but at least it has its own identity

GuruStarr781756d ago

It makes sense, though... since Sony is trying to align the Vita and the PS4 by making every PS4 game remote play on Vita.

torchic1756d ago

it's not the official PS4 box art template from Sony.

Blaze9291756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Lol one's green and the other is blue...must you troll in everything?

falviousuk1756d ago

They are identical except for the colour, why does it not surprise me that someone would say this, just shows the mentality of the majority of the people that troll this website now

lastofgen1756d ago

Of course YOU'RE going to like the ps4 version better... :/

OlgerO1756d ago

Is that the final boc design for PS4 ? beacuse I think its ugly as hell and I have seen a lot of mockups that looked much better. oh well i guess it isnt that important

The_HarryEtTubMan1756d ago

It would be nice if the most extreme fanboys were banned to the forums or something. Would leave more room for civil discussion instead of fanatical drivel 24/7

KonGreat1755d ago

bbbbuut, then it would be so much more empty on the forums! :( theres nothing like a good ol' fanboy discussion :P

Thefreeman0121756d ago

they are exactly the same with different boarder colors.. how can it be better..

omi25p1756d ago

They are exactly the same.

xbox1forlife1756d ago

xbox 1 is better are u saying are u high right now

TENTONGUN1756d ago

you know if i was high id prolly play a xbox one. definetly not at my house though :)as far a as box art IT DOESNT MATTER ! i just want to hear bout next gen football games

UNGR1756d ago

It's the same you troll, the box art hasn't changed. The only difference is the logo on the top of the box, which isn't box art.

Azrabain1756d ago


Pro Racer1755d ago

EA must be stoked about all the money they'll save by printing covers in black and white.

Bleucrunch1755d ago

Madden is still getting love?? I thought the gaming world would see right through the crap EA is doing...hopefully with time the gamers will see it and distance themselves from this once great franchise.

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-Mika-1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Ugh, I hope that not the final ps4 boxart. It doesn't look nice at all. The xbox one looks really clean.

@ DaThreats

You seriously can't think that. The ps4 logo is just too big and the type of blue they're using is just ugly. I really hope Sony make a few changes before launch.

000011757d ago

whatd you expect, jackson pollock designing next gen box art? lol. both companies are going for a minimalist approach to make it easy for the average consumer to identify and add to their media library.

Majin-vegeta1757d ago

Sorry i rather have Blue one than a green one.God those cases are hideous that.s why i always put my 360 games in the back of my collection.

Before anyone says but you don't even have an xbox bla bla.Here's my GT.

SpideySpeakz1756d ago

Wow, you are like a little children, going back and forward. I love it

Count1756d ago

I think they both look fine.

Hicken1756d ago

You sure you don't think the PS4 stuff is worse simply by relation to Sony?

Dark111756d ago

meh , looks shit

if i'm going to keep my games forever without being able to trade/selling them
they could at least be creative in the box art design.

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