Pandora’s Cube: A brief analysis of Curiosity’s big reveal

"The secret’s out.

After several months, the cube has been broken, its digital, gooey center revealed. Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube? was an experiment in both gaming and social-media marketing conceived by videogame iconoclast Peter Molyneux. The structure of Curiosity was simple: players took turns chipping away at a massive cube in the hopes that they might be the special someone to reach its core. At the heart of the cube was something that was allegedly “life-changingly amazing by any definition.”

On May 26 at 2:22 PM , Edinburgh, Scotland resident Bryan Henderson was revealed as the person to crack the final layer of the mysterious cube. His “life-changing” prize? He becomes God. No, seriously, he gets to be the god of the upcoming (and appropriately named) Godus, a game that Molyneux and his studio 22 Cans, kickstarted last year. Many entered but only one got the glory.

In many ways, Molyneux is now the video-game equivalent of Willy Wonka."

- Maxwell Coviello

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wallis1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

"In many ways, Molyneux is now the video-game equivalent of Willy Wonka"

In the sense that he paints a fairy tale facade over an industrial scene? Correct me if I'm wrong but this is a fucking advert. This is literally a marketing stunt not some experimental future for video games. Curiosity wasn't a game it was a scratch card. Molyneux didn't calculate this to make life fun for those playing it - surely ALL players would have had a reward if that were the case - the clever bastard just realized humans are compelled to know this sort of crap and slapped a promo for his next game under the damn thing.

Peter Molyneux is like that friend who tries banging your girlfriend and just never gets how bad it is. He'll spend the rest of your waning friendship cracking bad jokes as he only ever sees some subjective reality where he just made a little mistake. Molyneux flat out lies for every single game he's ever made, tells us its a mistake and then throws a wobbly tantrum because people wouldn't kickstart the developer who clearly has no trouble finding funding. I find this guy loathsome - he propagates the view of studios and companies, places made up of hundreds of artists, programmers, animators etc, as nothing more than the shell wrapped around creative Steve Jobs-types. He could cook me breakfast in bed tomorrow but until he just sits down and realizes that a) flat out lying about the product your selling usually gets you put in prison, so it's not fucking cute just because it's a video game, and b) he isn't a smidgeon as important as he seems to think he is, will he stop sounding like such a self-entitled buffoon. Until then I really hope he just buggers off and leaves things to the significantly more talented indie devs who actually deserve this sort of attention, funding and hype.