How to Make Money Collecting PS2 Games

The article explains how now is the time to buy Playstation 2 games and potentially make some money. The later in a console's life cycle a game is released, the more likely it is to become rare and very expensive. Of the 60 most expensive NES, SNES, and N64 games, 32 of them were released in the last two years of the console. The Playstation 2 is approaching its last two years of developer support also.

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pp3770d ago

i doubt any ps2 games will ever be rare or even thinking of it exspensive

Staircase3769d ago

There already are a couple rares. I think Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistance: Limited Edition is worth a lot now.

CrazyMystical3769d ago

marvel vs capcom 2 is about $80 at the gamestop near where i live

i really need to get a copy of that along with psi-ops mindgate conspiracy

N73603769d ago

better off getting the DC version because thats what they use in all the tournaments this is due to the fact theres not many PS2 versions out there.

zafeiriou3769d ago

RPGs on the first playstation fetch a lot of money.

One example:
Suikoden II - $120.00 if not more.

ambientFLIER3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

A lot of N64 games go for a LOT of money on ebay. Killer Instinct Gold usually goes for over $200 new, Original Release Goldeneye or Mario 64 are $100+, Zelda does too, Excitebike, Worms and Ogre battle are over $100. That's why I collect them. Well, that and the fact that it's precious memories playing all those games :P

sumfood4u3769d ago

Suikoden 2 psone & Thousand Arms very rare an in my possesion!

Skerj3769d ago

SMT games are rare like a month after release, I know copies of Nocturne can go for 100 or so on Ebay.

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