Xbox One/PS4 FIFA 14 Logos Released

Electronic Arts has just recently released the logos for their upcoming game, FIFA 14. While they’re nothing too snazzy looking, it’s fun to think about what the next generation of consoles can do for our beloved fútbol game.

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NoTheMama1943d ago

Stop the presses!
Cant wait to spend hundreds of dollars on a new console just to play a better looking version of kick the ball through some sticks!

2pacalypsenow1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

YOu dont have to but some of us do and theres nothing wrong with that. And i would pay to see you try that on an actual real life game

kwandar1943d ago

For a second I thought it said "Xbox One Failed" logos released. :)

Ninjamonkey821943d ago

I'll be buying Fifa on my PS4 simple reason PlayStation controllers has always been the better control for sports games.

Sitdown1943d ago

That is the first time I have heard the dual shock was better for sports games.....which oddly enough, most of my sports games I purchased are for the ps3. Now I have heard the dual shock is the better for fighting games, so naturally all my fighting games are on the ps3

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1943d ago

ive always heard PS controlers were better for sports and it is

The_Devil_Hunter1943d ago

Conclusion, Playstation controllers are the better controller.

ginsunuva1943d ago

OMG it looks like the Fifa 13 logo except with the 13 changed to a 14!!!!!!!