Why Nintendo should abandon Miiverse and integrate Twitter, Facebook and Vine immediately

thenextweb writes:

What the Wii U needs is some hype. Some excitement. Players sharing their experiences on Facebook, Twitter, Vine and any other number of social networks to show the rest of the world what they’re missing out on.

What it doesn’t need, at least right now, is Miiverse.

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dedicatedtogamers1999d ago

I disagree. The one thing Miiverse has going for it is it's a gaming-centric social hub. Once you start mixing it in with Youtube, facebook, Twitter, Vine, etc it all gets lost in the shuffle.

Granted, Miiverse has its own flaws, but I don't think Nintendo needs to combine it with other services.

Errol James1999d ago

Would be nice if Youtube worked on the 3DS tho.

-Mika-1999d ago

Why would you want to watch youtube on the 3ds? The screen resolution is bad. I rather use my phone.

ChickeyCantor1999d ago

FFS Mika,

Always something to complain about?

DragonKnight1999d ago

-Mika-: "I rather use my phone"

DarkBlood1999d ago


if he wants to watch it on the 3ds then let him and just zip it and quit raining on parades and being a debbie downer at the same time

grimmweisse1999d ago

@mika if you are going to be a dick about it, you don't do yourself justice, watching YouTube on a small screen device then saying rather go watch it on another small screen device. You really are a certain kind of special!

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jon12341999d ago

agreed, the last thing i want to see on my feed is how much goombas my friends stomped on....

BlackWolf1999d ago

Nah. Miiverse is a completely different social hub on its own, and I think it must stay.

Shnazzyone1998d ago

it's awesome for monster hunter... forget google. Just ask miiverse where to get a material and 1 minute later you know exactly how. It's a neat community. I don't see anything wrong with it.

phantomexe1999d ago

it's a nice gamer hub. I was kind of hopeing the ps4 would do something like it. I don't want my tropies spaming facebook. Not everones a gamer on facebook as well and playing the same games. miverse works well.

elhebbo161999d ago

I think the miiverse is cool, and its a part of what makes the wiiu.

Myst1999d ago

Agreed I rather enjoy going through Miiverse seeing the posts especially the drawings.

HalfNerdHalfAmazing1999d ago

Miiverse allow a gamer be a gamer when it comes to Twitter & FB u gotta make every thing sound cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.