EU: PlayStation Store update, 29th May 2013

ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection is now available for free to PlayStation Plus users for a limited time.

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Xof1823d ago

Er... PS+ games are not "on sale" for "100%" off. When they're "free" you can't actually buy them if you have PS+, you can only rent them.

sengoku1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

PSPLUS has excellent value,
even if games are only playable as long as you have plus on your account it's only about 3 bucks a month.
you get at least 3 games a month which comes down to about 1 buck per game LOLZ..

and they dont give you any old crap.
they give you awesome games for it like this month

1 Demon souls
2 Ico
3 Shadow of the Colossus
4 Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning

even if you only like one of those game it's still only 3 to 4 bucks for it.

and they add a few more games next week or mid month so it's unbelievable value

do the math and make up you own mind.

insomnium21823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )


Don't tell me they are giving shadow of colossus and ico for PS+. That would be epic!

Talking about classics I just started with Amaterasu (Ammy) and I would love to get my hands on SOTC and ICO. I never played SOTC and I tried ICO for a bit.

Update: I just looked at the article and they indeed ARE giving me SOTC and ICO. Thank you Sony. Best company for gamers EVER!

Blacktric1823d ago

"When they're "free" you can't actually buy them if you have PS+, you can only rent them."

You can actually. You just have to visit the related store page rather than trying to get them from the PS Plus page on the store.

Canary1823d ago

But you're still not buying them for 100% of, you're buying them for whatever the default price is for non-PS+ subscribers.

@AusRogo: why do people still not realize this? "Free" games on PS+ are not purchases, they are rentals. You only have access to those games so long as you maintain a PS+ subscription, once you stop paying that "rental fee," you can no longer play those games.

ksa-sh8sh8b81823d ago

ps plus for games Similar to netflix for TV shows & movies

65 games every year (45 games for ps3 and for 20 ps vita) for 50$ that great deal

you pay 50$ every year for online and voice chat

Hicken1823d ago

You're just so cynical.

elhebbo161823d ago

I need another full ps+ game, sleeping dogs was great.

BitbyDeath1823d ago

I'm confused, I thought those PS+ games were for June, yet it is still May?

horne2421823d ago

Originally they were. The schedule changed early on :)

SugarSoSweet1823d ago

I like the way PS+ gives u free games or at least allows u to rent games for free Xbox Live doesn't really do this

talisker1823d ago

People complain that PS+ just lends games but very few people even mention how Steam lends ALL games and NONE of them are yours. The difference is I know exactly when my PS+ membership ends and I can decide if to keep it or not. Steam doesn't define the length of the period. It is possible I pay 50 euros for a single game there (the price of a full year of PS+ with about 50 games to get) and be left with nothing tomorrow. PC gamers don't even care about that. They just silently allow Valve to screw them over and over and they still advocate for the platform "because it's cheap and teh graphics".

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