Three new Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit trailers

Atari reveals three new Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit trailers. Enjoy.

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MUNKYPOO3682d ago

its over 9000! i couldnt resist, it was at the end of the second video

XiaoSet3682d ago

I saw that too, and laughed my ass off.
Also, saw Broly in there, hmm, I know he comes during or before Cell Sega (movie wise) but hmmm

wind_dragon3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

not to buy this game.(thats just me)
and Vegeta said it too fast....its supposed to be "Its OVER nine TTTTTHHOUSSSAANNNNNDDDD!"
BTW Broly came before Cell.

XiaoSet3682d ago

Yeah, couldn't remember if it was before or during Cell Saga, but I don't remember them saying they would add in the movies as well as the original saga's, so it was a surprise to me.


OoLegendoO3682d ago

Looks Awesome. Definitely a must have for me, love Dragon Ball and Beat em Ups.

Thepro3183682d ago

hmmmm dice didn't say any movies would be added be hmmmm Broly is a good touch

mintaro3682d ago

wow, i keep thinking that its CG

good stuff

bluegoblin3682d ago

the game seems to be coming along really good.Has anyone ever heard the spanish version??? i think they should added into the game, the music, in my opinion, is better.

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The story is too old to be commented.