Infamous Second Son: Special Edition Podcast and E3 Confirmation

Earlier this week, the Game Informer asked the community what they wanted to know about Sucker Punch's upcoming Infamous Second Son. They received plenty of questions about the studio's Playstation 4 debut, and they took them straight to game director Nate Fox and producer Brian Fleming.

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Enemy1728d ago

Confirmed for E3 O SHIIII

Bathyj1728d ago

Theyve got to show some gameplay, surely.

And its going to wrinkle my brain.

One4U1728d ago


Eyesoffiction1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I don't know what it is but i just can't get interested in any of the infamous games :/

Riderz13371728d ago

Then why are you clicking on an article about inFamous...Seriously my mind is full of fuck.

Bathyj1728d ago

I dont know what it is either, I think theyre some of the best Superhero games you can get. Each to their own I guess.

andjudunno1728d ago

cant wait to see the world we get to play in

r211728d ago

More InFamous Second Son? Aww Yisss

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