New Releases For The Month Of June

The Tyuno Project: "What going on gamers! Summer is finally here. Now it’s time to see what new games that will be bring the heat to this summer season. Check out the new video games releases for the month of June."

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D_RoyJenkins1972d ago

It's all about The Last of Us for me.

badz1491972d ago

last one 1 bought was OP Pirate Warriors 2 and before that GoW Ascension! sad thing is, haven't finished them both because I am always too busy!

oh well, I planned to get TLoU day 1 since last year so, I hope I can finish this! GoW and OP need to wait!

Infamouskat1972d ago

Be careful in The Last Of Us articles guys, some people tend to be idiots and spoil the ending since it's leaked. :/

Zichu1972d ago

The Last Of Us :D

Remember Me looks interesting as well. I will pick it up later. I think I saw a video of Dark last month or something. That also looked pretty interesting. I will probably pick that up later as well.

Rask1972d ago

I'm getting The Last of Us (already pre-ordered) and Remember Me for PC.

RandomGamer1972d ago

Like 4 games I'm getting in June, and if State of Decay comes out makes 5

Remember Me
The Last of Us
Project X Zone
State of Decay ( maybe ... hopefully).

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