Protecting Your Xbox Live Account

It seems these days that the tragic tales of stolen Xbox Live accounts are becoming more and more frequent. To keep things in perspective, the actual percentage of people who get their accounts hacked is really quite low, minuscule even when you consider Xbox Live has approximately ten million subscribers.

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TrevorPhillips3801d ago

if someone asked for my email that i used for xbox live i would tell them to f*ck off

le killer3801d ago

make a change to all the e-mails i get offering me viagra!!

nirwanda3801d ago

Use pre payed cards for both xbox live membership and for buying points that way if someone steals your xbox live account you just create a new one.

princejb1343801d ago

wow i never knew people steal xbox live accounts also

Mr PS33801d ago

Cause i ain't got one and never will have one

InYourMom3801d ago

come on people you can do it! Kill the troll! Kill the troll!

BLUR1113801d ago

iamps3 should get banned first and keep any pc access away from that scum troll

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